Ukraine continues to be an ongoing war crime scene littered and smeared with staggering hate-filled cruelties inflicted by Russian invaders. The dead bodies we see on our screens are silent; we do not hear their screams. More than five million refugees have fled the country; millions are displaced within Ukraine. Torture and sexual violence have been weaponized, targeting non-combatant innocents. More than 200 children are dead. Orphanages and hospitals have been bombed.

Stiff sanctions by the West have been imposed on Russia. Weapons and supplies are being flown into Ukraine. EU countries, especially Poland, have acted generously in taking in millions of traumatized refugees. Pacific Northwest natives serving in the U.S. armed forces are working with our NATO partners and Ukrainian forces, providing assistance and intelligence.

What else can we do or at least think about? A part of what we can do is to give full throated support to the full implementation of an actively rigorous and strengthened International Criminal Court.

The Catholic Church has long supported a global community that firmly upholds an international rules based order. International Criminal Court investigators are in Ukraine collecting evidence of war crimes committed and their coverup. Impunity will not have the last word.

Tom Streckert

Northeast Portland