Regarding “Go nonpartisan,” Jan. 22, Page 31, and “Disgusted,” Feb. 5, Page 23:

The editor’s condescension to Mr. Wolf regarding the death penalty notwithstanding, I regret to report that my copy of the catechism is also out of date. My own copy was published in the year 2000, and its teaching on the death penalty differs considerably from the most up-to-date entry. May I have a new, improved version sent to my home? Should the catechism perhaps be published in a three-ring binder so that Catholics can more easily replace the church’s teachings as it becomes convenient? What precisely is the level of magisterial authority of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” anyway? Is it still possible for a good Catholics to disagree about the death penalty, or find unacceptable ambiguity in the strange word “inadmissible”?

Matt Burrill