Regarding “Go nonpartisan,” Jan. 22, Page 31:

Abortion was the primary driver for Christian support for the otherwise dubious life-affirming policies of the former president. Being a faithful Catholic in whom the dogma runs deep but the Spirit runs even deeper, I’m troubled by singular focus on abortion as the litmus test of what makes a good Christian.

Surely, reverence for life can’t end with the unborn child. The Divine, the Christ, is present in all: the life of an unborn child as much as the life of a migrant child separated from his family at the border. And what about the sacredness of our living environment? Shouldn’t “pro-life” also mean a respect and care for the earth and all its creatures?

Sadly, I think that well-meaning Christians are manipulated by an anti-abortion message to accept politicians who espouse all manner of anti-life policies, including attempts to strip away health care from millions and devastate the environment in the name of economic growth.

Finally we have a president guided by science and faith.

Gil Muñoz

North Portland