“Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it,”

said Christ in the gospel story recorded in Mark 10:15.

“I pray that the poor can get homes and food and jobs and not be poor anymore,” is a sentence my 5-year-old daughter says during prayer time every night. It’s sweet. Of course, she also prays for a cat every night. But she is 5.

I think about my children when I reflect on the Lord’s call that we embrace a child-like faith. What does that mean? My kids are certainly not perfect. They make mistakes. They don’t always think of others and they don’t always think things through. So, in asking us to have a faith like a child, God was not demanding perfection.

The thing about teaching kids the faith, however, is that they listen even when it looks like they’re not. They absorb it all and they believe what we tell them. When my 7-year-old son prayed for snow every day for weeks, he was elated when it finally snowed. He had absolute faith that God would deliver and God did.

How often do we turn to God in prayer expecting him to follow through? How much of church teachings do we fully believe? Can we honestly look in the mirror and claim to have faith like a child?