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  • The Me’s
    I give you two unassuming adolescents whose antics might otherwise fall under the sphere of nothingness but for the fact that I am now mentioning it.

    Steve and I were in seventh grade. These days we are in the 58th grade, the second semester.
  • Once upon a time, you may have prayed for your darling child to become a nun. Odds are you never prayed that she become a none.
  • Trapped in the self
    Explaining the Sign of the Cross, Msgr. Ronald Knox used to say that its vertical gesture spells “I” — and its second gesture crosses that out.
  • SOS for catechists in this time of pandemic
    Nearly 11 million job opportunities remain unfilled in the United States of America. Take a stroll through downtown in your city or town; maybe walk by a small business or a factory. The ubiquitous "Help Wanted" sign is everywhere.
  • Immigration ruling sensible
    Thank God that some part of the government has common sense.
  • All for nothing?
    Trying to stabilize Afghanistan since 2001 was all for nothing.
  • The Sentinel editorial writer does a disservice to readers by employing extremist commentary.
  • Open letter to President Biden
    These words come from a tribal mind, not the mind of Christ.
  • Police, social workers differ
    We should allocate funds so officers stop trying to be social workers and instead let people trained to handle these situations get paid to do so.
  • Mr. President, it’s not a matter of belief. It’s a matter of well established science that human life begins at conception.
  • Glenn’s simple life
    In the late 1970’s, Stan worked as a projectionist at the Lyric Theater in downtown Salem, showing classic black and white film noir. His assistant was a diminutive middle-aged man named Glenn who always began and ended his brief sentences in a timid chuckle.
  • What I learned about faith and racial equity
    The JustFaith program did open my eyes and disrupt my comfortable ignorance. It made clear that racism is a shared problem, not just “their” problem.
  • Thanks for honest talk
    I appreciate that Father Thomas, Father Weeks and others had the courage to speak openly.
  • The first things I saw with my new glasses
    Each time I sat down to read after age 44, the more I had to long-arm the material. I decided I needed reading glasses.
  • Mostly, we are a nation of moderates who mistrust zealots. Today, we must harness and focus sensibility so it wins the day over fanaticism. Average people, unite to take back your country. Your motto might be, “Aw, come on now!”
  • So, to all pro-life advocates out there praying in front of abortion clinics, your work is sadly not done. We have little to no hope of legally ending abortion here in Oregon. The only path we have is to change hearts and minds.
  • Reasonable measures
    For an honest election, the main request is identification. We need identification for many things: a driver’s license, traveling by plane, cashing checks, driving for Uber.
  • Praying in public?
    Parading in Portland seems to be in disobedience of these directions.
  • An addition to history story
    Thank you for your article about the establishment of the Archdiocese of Portland 175 years ago. Let me add something to your story.
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