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  • The Right to Life is indeed at stake in our nation whether it’s infanticide, euthanasia, or the shooting of children. Yes, it is the cornerstone of Catholic social justice, Aquinas and all.
  • Our good Lord loathed the sin but embraced the sinner. Denying someone holy Communion is not only absurd but wrong.
  • Archbishops Cordileone and Naumann demonstrate leadership. Thanks go to Archbishop Alexander Sample for publicly support-ing Archbishop Cordileone’s declaration.
  • Answers for our time from Scripture
    Help from tech-savvy youngsters might be needed to connect elders to virtual meetings or town halls. This reverse mentoring will help not only the elder, but further enhance the relationship between elders and younger people.
  • Sparks needed to save our common home
    Pope Francis guides us to see that everything is connected. From his frequent visits to slums around the world, his meetings with refugees and migrants, he has witnessed the link between how we treat the earth and how we treat each other, especially the poor and vulnerable among us.
  • Recollecting Pentecost at 9 a.m. B.C.
    On a Pentecost morning around 9 a.m. B.C. (Before Coffee), I try to imagine an upstairs room, a violent wind blowing, and a dove alighting in the room, enlightening everyone in it.
  • The Great Questioner
    It dawned on me that the answer always goes back to God: no matter what you believe or the examples you have, life, Earth, galaxies, the universe, matter and anti-matter had to come from somewhere.
  • On the Pelosi decision, count me as a progressive who agrees with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.
  • From the Archives
    "There are not a few who would parade their standing as theologians, authentic or suspect, who quite frankly arrogate to themselves the very infallibility they deny to the Church.”
  • It is unfortunate that some church leaders are ignoring Pope Francis’s admonition to the Catholic clergy to avoid actions that might be construed as politically weaponizing church sacraments, especially Holy Communion.
  • Oregon does not require prospective gun purchasers to obtain a license prior to buying a gun.
  • Lift Every Voice Oregon is sponsoring a petition campaign to place a referendum on the November ballot which will enact effective laws to reduce gun violence in Oregon.
  • Limit gun access
    How are Christians to respond to repeated massacres of our citizens? St. John Paul II correctly talked about our culture of death of which guns are one facet. Jesus gave us his opinion about individuals taking up weapons — don’t.
  • That letter to the editor reflects an individualistic, libertarian approach, common in our contemporary culture and antithetical to the Catholic tradition.
  • Hopes for action
    The ongoing synodal process in our archdiocese and the “observe, judge, act” framework Pope Francis recommends as part of this process provide a great opportunity for such discussion and potential action as we listen to each other and walk together.
  • In Genesis 9:1, we learn that God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, Be fertile and multiply and fill the earth. Check.
  • The Oregon Synod Committee, which had a letter to the editor published May 20 (“Arms open,” Page 23), is an independent Catholic lay group, not an official panel of the Catholic dioceses in Oregon.
  • “The current food crisis may rapidly turn into a food catastrophe of global proportions in 2023,” said U.N. trade chief Rebeca Grynspan.
  • Mayfest memory
    Sax and clarinet player for the Sadowsky band was the polyglot Father Frank Knusel. At one point in the evening, the priest sat on his break, savoring, nibbling his meal, liking to talk, a lot, about words, in English, French, German and Dutch, sipping red wine from a plastic glass in between.
  • Local venting: Synergism or syncretism?
    The trouble with abandoning our moral leadership in order to be a more “welcoming” church is that those newly welcomed may not be willing to abandon the lifestyles that repeatedly draw them into moral decay and sin and the church will dissolve into little more than utopian secularism.
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