Regarding “Medical providers clash with bosses over faith,” Aug. 21, Page 1:

It was with deep disappointment that I read of the unwillingness of Providence Health and Services to extend accommodation to Megan Kreft as she was attempting to perform her duties as a physician assistant in line with Catholic understanding of medical care that respects the human person.

She had, following the guidance of our church, refused to participate in such “services” as vasectomies, inserting intrauterine devices and prescribing contraceptives. In short, she was attempting to provide medical care as if the human body reflects the creative beauty of its Triune Creator.

But the Providence administrators would have none of it, despite their supposed adherence to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

I was impressed with Providence when it took what I thought was a bold stand about a year ago when Oregon was trying to extend abortion coverage. I thought that Providence was more than just Catholic in name. This was one of the reasons I subsequently chose Providence for my health insurance. Is there no way that Providence can allow its medical and nursing staff to abide by Catholic principles based on a full understanding of the human person? Should they not make a concerted effort to respectfully accommodate a medical practitioner with a Catholic conscience?

Gerald McAfee