How amazing to discover that the Catholic Sentinel has virtually the same style book and editorial approach to Black Lives Matter as does CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post. Like them, you speak of “mostly peaceful protests.”

Perhaps you have not driven downtown to see the damage these “peaceful protests” have done. Nationwide the damage and the long-term economic impact is likely in the billions. As someone else pointed out, the flight of the Enola Gay to Hiroshima and back was mostly peaceful as well.

I doubt that you have gone to to read the “Who we are” statement of that organization. They make no secret that they are a Marxist organization, that they are hostile to the nuclear family, that they are pro-homosexual relationships.

How easily the Sentinel adopts the “systemic racism” mantra. To what does this refer, exactly? Certainly not to the fact that Blacks are primary targets for the abortion industry. That is systemic racism. Certainly not to the fact that they are largely at the mercy of a public school education. That is systemic racism.

Do black lives matter? Of course. In fact, they deserve special solicitude, given the disadvantages under which they labor in our country. But has done nothing whatever to advance their cause. As far as the peaceful protesters are concerned, from the Marxist perspective they are “useful idiots” giving rhetorical cover to miscreants who night after night emerge from their midst.

Lee Gilbert