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  • A caring priest
    St. Agatha Parish, you are very fortunate to have such a caring priest.
  • Little knowledge
    Those who would welcome a return to Latin in worship would leave many of us as outsiders.
  • Not champions
    These politicians and legislators think of themselves as champions of social justice. Clearly, they are not. 
  • Train leaders
    Unfortunately, the majority of bishops and priests are not educated or equipped to confront the foundational leadership issues inflicting great damage on our church. The leading and management of an organization requires specialized education the church does not currently provide.  
  • Broke my heart
    How can the faith which sustained me for 75 years not recognize the intellectual dishonesty of such “scientific” claims?
  • Total delight
    I had the vision that our young Catholic and other children in our schools are getting prepared to make wonderful contributions in the years ahead.
  • Leave it to God
    If we stand by as executions happen, then we, as Catholic citizens, must acknowledge that not everyone has a right to life.
  • Nary an apology
    To anyone who saw the full video recordings of the Covington boys at the D.C. March for Life, it’s obvious that these Catholic high school students were lined up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, waiting for their bus, when they were confronted.
  • Pray for leaders
    Pray for our president and other leaders, asking forgiveness for our sins, fasting and praising God for his goodness and love. Yes, my continued prayer is for God’s sovereignty, divine providence and glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. 
  • In God’s eyes
    Created in God’s image, we are all equal before God with human dignity and rights. Our church, communities and country benefit from the courage, skills, energy, aspirations and cultural diversity of newcomers.
  • Transformation
    We need to remember and believe that altar bread and wine, once consecrated, has undergone a complete transformation into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.
  • Is it practical?
    I applaud the directives as pointing us toward meaningful worship but wonder how it will be worked out in the real world.
  • If we truly want to end the scourge of child sexual abuse — and I believe the church does — then we must understand pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia, otherwise the changes we institute will miss the mark with devastating consequences.
  • Proof in pudding
    Acupuncture was a great influence and I am thankful that God sent me there or I wouldn’t be writing you this missive today. 
  • Which is better?
    Which political philosophy is better for religious freedom
  • Truth is truth
    Despite what some argue, the teachings of the church do not change.
  • A letter instead
    Do you realize how many people will not have medical services because of this recommendation? 
  • Can we kill?

    Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty hold the viewpoint that a death penalty represents more violence. In fact, the death certificate on an executed person lists the cause of death as “homicide.”

  • No obligation
    The first principle for immigration in Catholic understanding is that people have a right to migrate. However, the responsibility to find a place to migrate to is theirs, and no individual or country has an obligation (moral or otherwise) to provide this.
  • Fear clericalism
    The new handbook for the liturgy which is described as adding “mystery and awe” is an example of what Pope Francis referenced as a basic problem in our church. The pope stated that sex abuse in our church stems from “elitism and clericalism, an inability to be near the people of God.”
  • Love handbook
    The Archdiocesan Liturgical Handbook addresses most of the issues that I have been praying about for many years.
  • Mugs of love
    In what they call “Mugs of Love,” wonderful students from St. Mary’s Academy in Portland brought boxes of mugs to the St. Francis Dining Hall before Christmas.
  • No limits
    Labeling all preachers of the prosperity gospel as hucksters is convenient, but inaccurate. 
  • Praying it will end
    An even greater concern than the terrible school shootings are the 30,000 people in the U.S. who die needlessly each year from gun violence including suicide, accidents and domestic disputes.
  • It’s a keeper
    What a joy it was to read Michael van Der Hout’s remembrance.
  • Cloaked attack
    Archbishop Sample should continue to work diligently to stamp out clergy abuse in this archdiocese as he did in the meeting with our young people. And he also should work with American bishops and the Holy See to incorporate lay commission review as “a universal and consistent practice in the whole worldwide church,” which the archbishop admits is the pope’s goal. 
  • Challenge us
    The Sentinel’s most-read articles seemed to be more “feel-good” stories than “do-good” challenges.
  • It’s ideology
    Readers of the Catholic Sentinel would have been better served if the writer had either restricted the article to simply reporting on Dr. Hruz’ presentation or written a full-length exposé of the transgender issue.
  • Ask them
     Holding a workshop to make decisions about how a marginalized group will be treated, without inviting members of the group, is exactly the kind of arrogance Pope Francis has criticized.
  • Wills not magic
    The court has to consider the best interests of the child regardless of the wishes of the parents. The court could find that the parents made a poor choice. 
  • Earth needs care
    I wish this editorial could be published more widely so more people could read his ideas on the care of God’s planet. We all need to take this as a plan for care.
  • Knowledge unites
    Why does division exist regarding immigration within our Catholic community? It’s because of a lack of understanding of Scripture and Catholic social teaching.
  • In need of touch
    As the new year begins, I wonder how many people are in real need of a human touch. 
  • I like El Centinela

    Members of St. Anne Parish like El Centinela not only because of the information you provide but especially because it is in Spanish. 

  • No celebration
     An armistice is the final thing Jesus asked for at the Garden of Gethsemane, “Put your sword back in its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword” (Mt 26:52).
  • Trust the Lord
    Whatever happened to giving to the Lord — from the top of our income?
  • Accusers investigated
    So much for the suggestion that ‘Believe women’ is a remedy for allegations of misconduct. Instead, the old reliable presumption of innocence until proven otherwise must remain our guide. 
  • You missed it
     Labeling all preachers of the prosperity gospel as hucksters is convenient, but inaccurate.
  • Protecting life
    On behalf of Councils 1594 (Medford), 11258 (Central Point), and 13407 (Ashland), a letter from our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson was read and checks adding up to $24,101 were presented to Beth Sheets, executive director of the Pregnancy Center. 
  • The right man
    Pope Francis is the right man in the right place at the right time. I hope he is not discouraged by “old wineskins” from taking actions he sees fit.
  • Be with them
    Unless we lead with compassion for the women who feel like they have no other choice but to abort, hearts will never change.
  • Futility of war
    There can be no celebration of  bravery occasioned by war. With Jesus, we can only agonize that we still continue to condone the futility of war.
  • With the other angels
    The phrase “A child doesn’t have to be biologically yours for you to love them like your own” fits our daughter-in-law perfectly.
  • Nix your bias

    Here is another modest suggestion from a reader: Discourage gender bias.

  • Formation needed
    Aside from RCIA, sacramental preparation, and an infrequent series of not particularly useful DVDs without a qualified instructor, there really isn’t any adult education answering adult questions about even basic church teachings.
  • Christmas love
    Many gifts were given and received over our long marriage, but this one, more than any other, says, “Christmas is love.”
  • Only 4 percent
    The actions of specific priests who abused children, as well as the priests and bishops who helped to cover up the problem and move these priests to other parishes, are corrupt, immoral, illegal, and a grave sin. But we must remember to hold the individual priests responsible for their actions, not the priesthood as a whole. 
  • St. Michael pride
    Archbishop Gross provided land for the building of a parish to take care of the needs of the Italian immigrants coming to the archdiocese at the end of the 19th century.
  • Threat is real
    The threat is real, not the object of a phobia.
  • Look at 19th-century anti-Catholic pamphlets. Swap the word “Muslim” for “Catholic” and “sharia” for “magisterium,” and you’ll have something that could have been written yesterday.
  • The Quran does not say what some think, but actually is a guide for good living. It shows reverence for Jesus and Mary. 
  • Teachings change
    That was changed at the time of the Second Vatican Council to: “The non-Christian may not be blamed for his ignorance of Christ and his Church."
  • Great community
    Because of strong deaf leadership and archdiocesan commitment Portland has long been one of the best places to be for persons who are deaf and Catholic.
  • Aunt Gen's fruitcake

    In her column last month, Heather Renshaw wrote this: "While this time of year is jam-packed with more nutty goodness than Auntie Gen’s famous fruitcake, Holy Mother Church, in her wisdom, encourages us to observe one day at a time by following the liturgical calendar."

    Well, we heard from Aunt Gen.

  • I felt confused
    The church is already fighting evil in the sexual assaults and cover-up accounts, but the bigger fear should be of a schism due to the faithful taking sides rather than praying to the Holy Spirit for truth.
  • Bravo, El Centinela
    I am grateful to El Centinela for always shining a light on the challenges we face, responsive solutions, and ways in which our diverse community can come together in service and support of one another. 
  • Do you aspire?
    Do Catholic media aspire to an oversight role? Will it develop independent and informed sources? There has been a dearth of consequential, independent Catholic reporting. 
  • There are cracks in the current church policies on sex abuse of children.
  • We follow Jesus
    The recent broad emergence of scandal in the Catholic Church has undoubtedly caused many Catholics to evaluate their devotion to their faith. Rather than leave the church, however, perhaps it is God’s timing for us to reflect on what we can learn as Catholics, and how we can show solidarity to be better. 
  • Complete picture
    How can we as a state claim rationality when we refuse to accept abstinence-only sex and think we are providing the complete sex-ed picture?
  • God forgive you for this disgusting display of vulgarity.
  • Buy fair trade
    When you buy fair trade products you know where they come from; and you can be sure that the people who produced them are paid a fair price for them.
  • There is a limit

    The United States can hardly be faulted for lack of generosity to the people of other countries and even to illegal immigrants. However, there is a limit. If we love our country and want to preserve our way of life for ourselves and our children, though, how is this immoral? 

  • Regarding “Catholics on both sides of Measure 105,” Oct. 19, Page 6: Some of the proponents for 105 seem to be presenting their views on the entire immigration issue and are not specific to what the measure actually proposes.
  • Obey the laws
    Pope Leo XIII, the pope most cited for his social concern for workers, wrote an encyclical “The Origins of Civil Society” that declared Catholics must obey the laws of nations in which they live.
  • Misused taxes
    Last year we Oregonians funded 3,700 abortions with our taxes and Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill to increase our funding of abortion. Don’t miss this opportunity to block this misuse of our tax dollars.
  • Terrible Cartoon
    I think it’s terrible that you put an anti-President Trump cartoon in our Catholic newspaper.
  • Need a process
    Had church leaders in the past asked parents for advice, child abuse would have been been openly discussed and most assuredly curtailed. Those abused would have received tender ministry. The abusers, along with their silent enablers, would have been called to account for their actions or inaction.
  • On nonviolence
    Here’s some good news for Catholics. Pax Christi and other Catholic organizations have an exciting new effort, the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative.
  • A better nation
    Undocumented people cannot access much public aid. Even when households do benefit, it is not always the head of household who receives assistance, like free school lunches.
  • The Heart – Our Spirit – The Most Holy Spirit
    Finally I spoke up and I said, I do not know what you fellows have, but I want it.  They pulled a chair up, gathered around me and started praying over me with hands on my shoulders and head.

  • I love Rockaway church
    Back in the 1970s, my in-laws lived in Rockaway Beach and my family and I spent many weekends there.
  • From Jesus?
    This directive outlawing artificial contraception seems more like a church rule than a rule from Jesus.
  • Padre Pio and the Holy Hour of 50 years
    Padre Pio, a Capuchin friar, (1887-1968) was a miraculous living crucifix.
  • Legal or illegal?
    Did the immigrant relatives comply with the USA’s immigration laws or were they illegal immigrants?
  • Contact authorities
    Clearly the woman who received the graphic sexual phone calls experienced sexual harassment.
  • Stand up on 106
    Fifteen years ago my birth mother had a choice, and she chose to give me life. I would have chosen to live, of course, if I had the option, but I had no choice in whether or not she picked abortion or adoption.
  • Renewing the priesthood
    Priests have been chosen by the Lord to share in Jesus’ Priesthood in a deeper way.

  • Holy of Holies - Ez 44:13
    First of all, God is Holy of Holies.  Secondly there is the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament.  God Himself was the architect who gave Moses the blueprint in every exact detail. “See that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.”  Ex 25:40; Heb 8:5.  
  • Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord… IN VAIN
    The greeting of peace given right before communion has turned into an abuse.
  • You failed to maintain the proper attitude of a diocesan paper namely, you failed to condemn the idea.
  • One-sided
    I noticed that the article failed to mention the millions of pieces of silver that Catholic organizations receive from the government every year for refugee resettlement.
  • His advice shows that Catholic dogma is not relevant to our times.
  • He’s inspirational
    Diego Valeri is an inspiration to all Timbers fans, the Catholic community and the community at large.
  • Every two weeks I am inspired by the stories in the Sentinel.
  • A welcome story
    I especially appreciated the direct quotes that you included from Matthew Westerbeck and Kat Kelley, who are dedicated to keeping the service efforts going in the face of discouraging policy changes that have made the lives of refugees ever more difficult.
  • The Priesthood
    Jesus is most clear, most concerned, most forceful,  most prophetic: “Love Me, and you will fulfill all that I am asking of you.  Love Me, and I will fulfill all that you ask of Me.
  • Missed the point
    If position papers dealing with immigration issues were more honest about precise issues and precise terminologies they would serve to reduce polarization in this country rather than contributing to it
  • The First Commandment – I am the Lord Thy God
    Deep down how many of us truly want to be disciples of Jesus?

  • Test reading
    I urge you to test your children or grandchildren. Do they read at grade level? Do they read in a choppy, halting style?
  • Renewal of the priesthood
    Can you not watch one hour with Me?  Jesus promises the priesthood will be renewed.
  • Rejected grace?
    So, is a good man, a non-believer, saved because of his good works? If he was faithful to the graces given him, then yes. If he turned down grace — that judgment is not ours to make.
  • Look at history
    I have read several articles in the Catholic Sentinel lately about gun control. It seems you only put in articles that endorse those who want stricter control.
  • He was a remarkably devout Catholic, living for many years for God alone, free from all worldly affairs. For this he was re­warded by receiving the last sacraments of the church and a happy death.
  • Refuge of victims
    God bless all the faithful bishops and priests, and may the Lord guide Pope Francis in particular at this present time.
  • Moses – 960 Continuous Holy Hours
    Your physical eyes only see the veil, behind which is God Himself. You are in His Silence.  Distractions will come.  When you are aware of the distraction, DRIVE it out.
  • If some theologians and teachers molest children should the innocent theologians and teachers resign as a public act of repentance? Their petition is disturbing and does not seem very reasonable.