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  • Sheen’s wisdom
    What matters most is the sanctification of the now moment.
  • Let’s see action
    The U.S. bishops seem to be concerned only about abortion when climate change threatens us with worldwide abortion of all life.
  • If you are a parent in Tigard, what do you think? Is the Tigard-Tualatin School District next to embrace intolerance?
  • 2 cultures, 1 faith
    I learned so much about the church’s history in the Pacific Northwest; not just the painful accounts of abuse toward indigenous people, but also of the courage and deep convictions demonstrated by those Catholic converts who remained with the church despite those tribulations.
  • The pastor in Springfield says the goal of education is to get children to heaven, not Harvard. Are the children at St. Alice being taught spiritual elitism which makes them approach the world saying, “I’m OK, but you are not”?
  • Some things are real
    If one’s sentiments flow toward saving yet-to-be born babies, be aware that the next pro-life rally you attend may contain young folks shouting: “Birds Aren’t Real.”
  • The reality of the last 100 years is that totalitarian economics and political systems resulted in poverty and death.
  • A fine author
    I wonder if your readers might be interested in learning more about Catholic writings recently translated into English from French. They are the works of French Catholic author Léon Bloy.
  • Served in hospital
    While many members did deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, I did not. While I am grateful for my three deployments to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, in Landstuhl, Germany, I am even more grateful for those who served their country in combat zones, especially those who paid the ultimate price.
  • Will we do right?
    I did find it frustrating to hear some Native Catholics say their peers need to heal, move on and forgive. It is as if the onus is on Native people to work through the tragedies and traumas that befell them and that continue to be re-lived today.
  • Why not Vinnie’s?
    Why are gift cards to Fred Meyer being asked for when we have wonderful St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores chocked full of very nice clothes?
  • They believed
    It was to San Juan Diego, a Native American, that Our Lady of Guadalupe, the first evangelizer of the Americas, revealed the Good News.
  • Listen to pope
    Have not ICU nurses experienced COVID-19 patients who finally beg for the vaccine — in their last minutes of life?
  • Show them love
    Our withholding direct aid will not move the Taliban toward justice or compassion. Instead, we are inflicting maximum — and fatal — misery on people held hostage in their own land.
  • Counter-bigotry?
    I hope that this group will be an active counterbalance to the white supremacist groups that spread hate, lies and fear in our society.
  • Loving Leroy
    He is the most caring and civic minded person I’ve ever met.
  • A eucharistic revival, after failing to take action to protect the souls of public sinners — politicians who support abortion — from eating and drinking their own condemnation upon themselves.
  • Madeleine memory
    Lest classmates fear their memory has faded, the mural titled “Let the Children Come to Me” is installed on the west wall of the sanctuary opposite the altar, which was at the east end of the church.
  • I identify with these protesters because during my formative years, I was bullied almost every day and teachers didn’t do much about it.
  • They’re human
    We need journalists to point out problems and give everyone the dignity of having a voice.
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