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  • Parish dances?
    Why are we not still holding dances at churches for young adults?
  • Some do study
    Surely at least some readers of the Catholic Sentinel don’t claim expertise or form an opinion before studying an issue via printed material, the internet, cable TV, broadcast TV and radio.
  • Hooray for GK
    I was delighted to see the story about G.K. Chesterton. He has been called the greatest writer in a century. Since high school I have been meaning to read his life story but never have. 
  • I’m no threat
    Some acted as if to say: “When a believer in Christ has mental health issues, then such a believer will always be viewed as weak and never find true happiness through the eyes of God.”

  • Nonpartisan
    I appreciate your latest editorial concerning the church’s attempts at being unbiased in politics. I particularly like your affirmation: “In sum, the dignity of life is paramount.”
  • It will shine
    Holy Week, though different, was wonderful. Just when it seemed the darkness of evil would snuff out the true light of Christ, we once again recalled the life, Passion and death of Jesus.
  • I underestimated
    If it is human nature to want what we cannot have, I may qualify as superhuman during the coronavirus shutdown. When the possibility of attending Mass was absent, although for justifiable reason, I wanted it back.
  • Oregon friends
    My two friends who live in Oregon need some cheering.
  • A life issue
    Shelter in place and social distancing are inconvenient, but we all have to do our part to save the lives of those around us.
  • Dedication
    I appreciate so much the way Katie Scott works with us.
  • I’ll share it
    Thank you for capturing such a complex topic and for highlighting our work and recommendations.
  • You broaden me
    Your newspaper fills me in on the many wonderful aspects of the Catholic Church: caring, environmental, multicultural, elders, children, schools, science, history — as well as the dark side of humanity.
  • Pray for souls
    When a friend informed me I would not be able to attend Mass, it tore my heart apart and still does. Not receive the precious Body and Blood of our Lord? The loss is indescribable!
  • Mice appreciated
    I understand those little church mice. We have all had to adapt.
  • An open confession: Had we forgotten we have souls?
    Most people ignore or don’t take advantage of what they have been given. Once it’s lost they hope and pray they will get it back.
  • It’s idolatry
    The switch is your soul, the soul of the people.
  • Which side?
    In Oregon, supporters recommend legislation to expand the practice of physician assisted suicide. So, on whose side are Oregon Catholics?
  • I remember her
    What a delight she was to me and to her classmates!
  • Most influential
    I was happy to see your article about the legendary Father Thomas Tobin. I don’t think it did him full justice, however.
  • Midwife marvels
    I was left wishing that women who choose a less clinical route were also spoken to.
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