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  • Shocking sight
    President Biden may have made the right decision, but it’s still a shocking sight to see.
  • Immigration ruling sensible
    Thank God that some part of the government has common sense.
  • The Sentinel editorial writer does a disservice to readers by employing extremist commentary.
  • Open letter to President Biden
    These words come from a tribal mind, not the mind of Christ.
  • Police, social workers differ
    We should allocate funds so officers stop trying to be social workers and instead let people trained to handle these situations get paid to do so.
  • Thanks for honest talk
    I appreciate that Father Thomas, Father Weeks and others had the courage to speak openly.
  • Reasonable measures
    For an honest election, the main request is identification. We need identification for many things: a driver’s license, traveling by plane, cashing checks, driving for Uber.
  • Praying in public?
    Parading in Portland seems to be in disobedience of these directions.
  • An addition to history story
    Thank you for your article about the establishment of the Archdiocese of Portland 175 years ago. Let me add something to your story.
  • Far too many of us comply. It is no less a form of bullying than any other example.
  • Global poverty rising
    Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and climate change, the World Bank estimates that in 2021, we will see the first rise in global extreme poverty in 20 years.
  • How can Catholic Charities and other Catholic organizations support illegality at the border?
  • Superb play
    Adult education people, get this to your parish.
  • Made me proud
    Thank you to Katie Scott for her inspirational article. She has really helped elevate our outreach effort in the Catholic community.
  • Heft and quality
    Week after week, we are challenged and delighted by your stories.
  • Next president?
    Well, to about one-half of western Oregon Catholics, Rep. Lieu is presidential material.
  • Protect pollinators
    We have a responsibility, given by God, to care for what is around us. Review sprays and spraying events. Alert one and all to bee well-being and health.

  • What a neighbor
    I stepped onto my enclosed front porch when I saw a neighbor looking at me from outside the window. He was standing on a ladder.
  • Beautiful piece
    This piece is wonderfully factual while fully embracing the service and respect and dignity of our remaining WWll vets.
  • What a series
    We have been giving interviews since our inception 10 years ago. I can say without reservation that this series is the best. It is engaging, informative, comprehensive, and far-reaching with its array of experts.

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