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  • Young Joseph?
    Do more recent pictures of St. Joseph show him as a young man? I
  • Let us pray for these holy men and women that they do not give up hope in the weeks and months to come of being fully welcomed into the Catholic Church.
  • Protect right to unionize
    It’s time to pass the PRO Act. It would institute civil penalties against employers who illegally fire or retaliate against workers who attempt to form a union.
  • Appreciate the sensitivity
    I appreciated your short reflection on cleaning up trash in various places in Portland.
  • They are faithful to Rome
    The article did not make clear that the Eastern-rite churches (such as the Byzantine, Maronite, etc.) he refers to are not “Orthodox” but rather are in full communion with the bishop of Rome.
  • Wrong Faustina
    The litany presented is not from St. Faustina of Divine Mercy, whose picture is shown, but is written by Sister Faustina Maria Pia of the Sisters of Life.
  • Platonists wrong
    Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron just doesn't get it. Our primary concern should not be hypothetical future consequences but rather with the actual oppression and injustice in our society under those who elevate the rights of individuals over all else
  • Totalitarian USA
    If we do not reverse this threat, we, predictably, will experience the piling up of corpses and the Catholic Church will not be spared.
  • Renewed hope
    Thank you for the uplifting 7 May 2021 issue of the Catholic Sentinel! After so much divisiveness, grumbling and negativity around us, the positive and inspirational articles throughout this issue lifted my spirit.
  • Nix corruption
    As a pro-life Catholic, I’m deeply concerned that people in, or affiliated with, pro-life organizations want to keep unaccounted-for dark money in politics; this being revealed by a recently-made-public phone conversation between prominent conservative groups and a policy adviser to the Senate minority leader.
  • Transparency, please
    As a pro-life Catholic, I’m deeply concerned that people in, or affiliated with, pro-life organizations want to keep unaccounted-for dark money in politics.
  • Justice and compassion
    We continue to pray that Black lives will truly matter from this day forward in our justice system
  • Governing all the people
    We had better be grateful to our president and his team for all the good they do and are planning to do for the welfare of the whole country.
  • The church needs to learn to cover controversial issues in a proactive way — not ignore them — so that the only news we get on them is secular media or extreme right-wing groups.
  • Critique unfounded
    Many articles were enlightening, but I was shocked to see that three letters to the editor degraded the president for his stance on abortion.
  • On the fence of a family that had a “Black Lives Matter” sign in the yard, there were spray painted the words: “But White Lives Matter More.”
  • Liberty at stake
    The former president may not have the best character or the most sensible communication skills, but at least he recognized the right to life of the most vulnerable people in our nation — the unborn.
  • Lives saved?
    I always wondered if that short movie saved some unborn babies’ lives.
  • Perhaps the emotional issues associated with abortion can and should also be associated with miscarriages.
  • A worthy act
    Good news is upon us! Not only are Easter and spring here, but COVID-19 numbers were going down, schools are reopening, and our federal lawmakers have passed a comprehensive relief bill.
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