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  • As I write, it is the U.S. holiday commemorating the great civil and human rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  •  Education for a better world
    Nationally, Catholic Schools Week continues to imbue the theme: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Schools in the Archdiocese of Portland participate daily by living out faith, excellence, and service.
  • As I waited — and waited — for a driver to execute what was easily a 10-point turn to exit a parking space in the bank’s lot, another driver zipped in from the other direction and took the space.
  • State of abortion
    The nation holds its collective breath as the U.S. Supreme Court considers a case that could expand the protection of unborn children.
  • Onkel Otto and his princess
    “Ich habe nicht de cornflakes but Ich habe de Muesli for you. Yah! You like!”
  • Recreate with care for our common home
    In his encyclical, “Laudato Si’,” Pope Francis states, “caring for ecosystems demands far-sightedness.” Oregon, we must look forward to keep public lands free and accessible to all and we must start with recreating responsibly.
  • Although most Americans today are unaware of it, the United States has a sad and extensive history of forced sterilizations, especially within the past century.
  • From the archives
    Once upon a time, when you mentioned a bowl it was usually associated with a bowl of soup, a bowl of breakfast cereal or rolling a big black ball down a hardwood alley to knock down as many pins as skill permitted.
  • Fifty-five years ago, on Jan. 1, 1968, with the Vietnam War raging, and numerous other armed conflicts causing untold death and destruction, St. Pope Paul VI initiated the first World Day of Peace. He wrote, “We address ourself to all men of good will to exhort them to celebrate “The Day of Peace” throughout the world, on the first day of the year.”
  • Good for society
    While the U.S. Supreme Court probes a case that would expand state aid to religious schools, the public education industrial complex has its pants unnecessarily in a twist.
  • Courage, tenacity, and passion are words most of us hear describe sports stars. But over the last year, it’s western Oregon’s small businesses that truly deserve those accolades. They have gone through unexpected challenges that have meant extraordinary hard work at the least, and heartbreaking loss at the worst.
  • Resolutions for today
    I think New Year’s resolutions are silly Under the guise of “get healthy” and “better yourself” we establish arbitrary (and often unrealistic) goals to eat less, move around more, spend less time on our phone, etc.
  • The powerful temptation to build earthly kingdoms has been a painful thorn lodged deep within the human psyche from ancient times to the present day.
  • ‘Do not be afraid'
    Abiding fear may have been useful in millennia past when we humans were prey for other species and primal enemies of other tribes. But today, mostly because of media, our fear runneth over.
  • God makes the impossible possible
    When Bob’s dad called us to come, we left right away.
  • The right guy
    Antonio and Doris, an elderly couple at Mount St. Joseph convalescent home where my mother spent her final days in December of 2006, often sat next to each other in their wheelchairs out by the tinsel-and-Christmas-light-decorated nurses’ station.
  • The Christmas Gospel
    Does hearing the Nativity account not make your heart fill with the hope of that long-ago moment? With memories of your own childhood and children’s past Christmases?
  • The bishops on the Eucharist and public life
    This reaches beyond merely “weakening” others’ resolve to respect human life, as it could make it illegal to act on that resolve. If the bishops had not pointed out the contradiction between such actions and communion with the Lord of Life, that would have been a scandal.
  • As the first Christmas of World War I approached, Pope Benedict XV on Dec. 7, 1914, asked the leaders of all warring governments to agree to an official ceasefire. He begged “that the guns may fall silent at least upon the night the angels sang.”
  • The wrong window
    One afternoon when I was living in Salem, working and going to school, a shaggy-haired young man climbed through the window of my studio apartment as I was working on a term paper. Though I was alarmed, something inside told me not to grab a baseball bat. Instead, my inclination was to offer a welcome.
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