We reviewed our coverage in 2017 and here are two lists of the most popular stories of the year, one from our website, the other from our Facebook page.

Three things are clear from our tracking. First, readers like local news best. Second, they respond to videos. Third, there is a lot of interest in the movement to reclaim some older traditions of worship. 

From catholicsentinel.org

10. “Finding a home — and making it better” — Holy Family School welcomed Joey Loftis, who has Down syndrome. The relationship has been good for him and for the school.

9. “As Oregon fires rage, Franciscan sisters forced to evacuate convent” — The drama in the Columbia River Gorge got personal as these women religious many local Catholics know had to pack up and stay with friends. The convent averted damage.

8. “Faith reclaimed: How survivors of clergy abuse return to the church” — A moving story of how faith endured or was rebuilt in the worst of circumstances. 

7. “Attracting via truth, goodness and beauty” — St. Stephen Church in Southeast Portland has embraced reverence, awe and some traditions from an earlier era. 

6 “Modern day Catholic hymn giants” — A former Oregon liturgical composer and his English composer wife loom large in our songbooks.

5. “Religious vocation, teaching is a family affair for three Vandecoevering sisters” — Three Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, also blood sisters, have had a major impact on Catholic life in western Oregon.

4. “Catholics, evangelicals get closer” — The urge to bring people to Jesus — and the commonality of being on the outs in Oregon culture — brought a Catholic and Evangelical together as friends. The relationship spread and found confirmation in Pope Francis.

3. “Management expert tells Catholic leaders they must be willing to get uncomfortable” — Pastoral Center staff were told they need to work out of radical love, including conflict if necessary. Being nice is not always the best tactic.

2. “Priest reassignments announced” — This is a perennial favorite as Catholics want to know what priest will serve where.

1. “Liturgical conference with Cardinal Burke draws attendees from across country” — This report from Medford got triple the views of any other story on the website. Cardinal Raymond Burke and Archbishop Alexander Sample made appeals for worship that helps people be more holy.



From the Catholic Sentinel Facebook page

10. Video of the spring Fatima Pilgrimage walk through Portland

9. Video of Hispanic-Anglo relations at St Alice Parish in Springfield and the innovations used to help

8. A bike shop at the North American College in Rome, run by seminarian Peter Julia

7. The Franciscan Sisters of Bridal Veil escape the Columbia Gorge fire

6. Priest reassignments

5. Three Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon are also blood sisters

4. Editor Ed Langlois visits the Detroit, Michigan, friary where Blessed Solanus Casey ministered 

3. Velda Metelmann, 94, lands her third degree at Marylhurst

2. A video interview of Auxiliary Bishop Peter Smith explaining his immigrant experience and his thoughts about immigration in the U.S.

1. Video of St. Stephen Parish, which is attracting young families by embracing some liturgical tradition. The video reached more than 36,000 viewers, quadruple the reach of any other post during the year.