Oregon’s Catholic radio station is planning to expand its communications ministry from a new building atop Sylvan Hill in Southwest Portland.

Archbishop Alexander Sample on May 21 blessed the new Mater Dei offices and studio, saying he is proud of the broadcaster.

“There is great collaboration between this ministry and the Archdiocese of Portland,” the archbishop said, noting that cooperation has grown stronger in recent years.

Mater Dei airs the archbishop’s weekly program, as well as segments from the vocations office and a regular news conversation with the Catholic Sentinel, official newspaper of the archdiocese.

“We work together for spreading the gospel,” the archbishop said. “I look forward to many many more years.”

Long housed at the University of Portland, Mater Dei was asked to vacate because U.P. wanted the land for other uses. The station occupied a temporary site off Skyline Road for months until the new building opened at the end of April.

The $1.8 million project, funded by donors, included land, construction, and a new digital infrastructure.

“I am excited because I really feel like this is going to allow us to grow beyond our radio ministry and grow into more media, getting into apps, getting into podcasting — really reach people where they are,” said Patrick Ryan, executive director of Mater Dei. “We want to be able to lead souls to Christ and this is a great vehicle to be able to do that.”

Todd Cooper, special aide to Archbishop Sample and a member of the Mater Dei board, said the campaign to build received strong support.

“It is a sign of hope for the future of Catholic radio in Oregon,” Cooper said, then referring to the Virgin Mary, patroness of the station. “Our Blessed Mother is looking down and smiling on us.”

Bill Allen, another board member, also gave thanks to Mary.

“I think of all the potential this gives us for the future,” Allen said. “We have opportunities for expanded programming and expanded multimedia operations. It’s such a blessing. Our Lady and her Son have provided us with a great opportunity and a perfect location for the future.”