Anyone, or any civic group, in need of a free wheelchair is in for a blessing.

The Oregon Knights of Columbus have 30 wheelchairs remaining from a supply purchased earlier this year. They are available for free, or if a group wishes to contribute, a donation of $150, said Kent Purdy, a Knights’ district deputy from Mount Angel.

“We purchased a shipping container load of 115 chairs earlier this year and have distributed 85 of them already,” Purdy said. “We would like to get the remaining chairs out to anyone who needs them.”

Purdy said the wheelchairs were obtained through the American Wheelchair Mission program.

“We have already provided wheelchairs for some veterans groups and to parishes,” Purdy said. “We really want to find a good home for the remaining wheelchairs.”

The Knights of Columbus have been involved with the American Wheelchair Mission since 2003 and have funded thousands of wheelchairs.

The nonprofit American Wheelchair Mission, based in Henderson, Nevada, estimates more than 100 million people worldwide need wheelchairs but cannot afford them.

“The delivery of wheelchairs to physically disabled people allows children to go to school, adults to go to work and provide for their families and the elderly to get out of a bed they may have stayed in for years at a time,” said a statement from the Oregon Knights.

For more information, or to make arrangements to obtain a wheelchair, call Nick Guenther, the Oregon Knights’ community director, at 503-890-3457.