Commonweal editor Margaret O'Brien Steinfels told University of Portland graduates Sunday to learn something from the people of Littleton, Colo., who 'after there was nothing else to say, and no else to blame, filled the churches of that city and turned to God.'

Holy Cross Father David Tyson, university president, granted more than 430 bachelor's degrees and 130 master's degrees. He also gave Steinfels and her husband Peter, New York Times senior religion correspondent, the Christ the Teacher medal, the university's highest honor.

Past Christ the Teacher medal recipients include theologian Martin Marty and U.S. Appellate Judge John Noonan.

More than 6,000 people gathered in the Chiles Center on the university campus to hear Steinfels speak at the 97th annual commencement.

Father Tyson also awarded honorary degrees to Archbishop John Vlazny, spiritual leader of western Oregon Catholics; Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, professor of medicine and medical ethics at Georgetown University; Don Wycliff, editorial page editor at the Chicago Tribune; and Jeanne Narum, who is working to upgrade undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering and technology education in Washington, D.C.

Lori Peterson, a biology major from Des Moines, Wash., was class valedictorian and gave the senior farewell address.

One of the students listening was Jessica Kiley, a 21-year-old graduate. Kiley graduated with a bachelor's degree from the school of nursing. The ceremony represented a more than sweet success for Kiley, who has cerebral palsy.

Having to spend extra hours in the skills lab perfecting her motor skills, Kiley's struggle to learn how to fill a syringe was frustrating.

'It took me so long to figure out how to get my hands to do it,' she said, 'There were certain things I knew my body wasn't going to let me do without a fight.'

She was awarded a medal for top academic achievement in the university's nursing school. She had the highest grade point average in her 63-person class, a 3.86 out of 4.0. She plans to look for work in a health clinic and pursue a license as a nurse practitioner.

In preparation for the future, the university will announce Friday, May 7, the public phase of its development campaign, 'A Defining Moment: The University of Portland Centennial Campaign.' Father Tyson will speak about the campaign which seeks to raise $75 million over a 7-year period to support the university's students, faculty and to enhance institutional resources.

The campaign goals include $19.5 million for endowed scholarships, financial aid, student development, volunteer services and campus ministry. Money was also targeted for endowed faculty chairs, professorships, faculty research and a lecture series.

Here are the graduates:

Master of Arts

Kathleen Kiley, Hillsboro; Wende Stout, Portland;

Master of Fine Arts

Lisa Abbott, Portland; Ernie Casciato, West Linn; Joanna Connolly, Portland; Jane Ferguson, Portland; Jane Geesman, Portland; Christy Holy, Portland; Erick Wilk, Salem

Master of Education

Jennifer Ausland, Portland; William Black, Edmonton, Alberta; John Brooks, Gresham; Leslie Clarke-Lesiuk, Edmonton, Alberta; Shairoz Elliott, Burnaby, British Columbia; Teri Hamasaki, Kahului, Hawaii; Julie Hunt, Clackamas; Judy Lefebvre, Barrhead, Alberta; Calvin Monty, Leduc, Alberta; Randy Proskiw, St Paul, Alberta; Matthew Sadler, Tigard; David Sibley, Yacolt, Wash.; Catharine Sitko, Edmonton, Alberta; Steven Sugg, The Dalles; Judith Sykes, Calgary, Alberta; Stan Travnik, Leduc, Alberta; Halina White, Calgary, Alberta; DeAnn Womack, Portland

Master of Arts in Teaching

Kary Aloveah, Portland; Anna Arnyai, Portland; Matthew Bacon-Brenes, Portland; Shannon Baker, Portland; Kimberly Beger, South Weber, Utah; Laura Bennett, Milwaukie; Jeffrey Blackman, Hood River; Ann Brown, Portland; Travis Campbell, Portland; Nicole Cavanaugh, Portland; William Chisholm, Portland; Harfijah Chung, Portland; Maria del Rosario Circosta, Beaverton; Toni Dean, Portland; Mansour Eid, South Bend, Ind.; Peter Enslow, Beaverton; Edmond Gardner, Lake Oswego; Jennifer Gerlach, Portland; Julie Gjording, Portland; Jennifer Greaby, Portland; Allison Grim, Portland; Jeanne Havlik, Portland; Sharon Haynes, Portland; Kristin Hayward, Portland; Sunny House, Battle Ground, Wash.; Amardeep Jalewalia, Portland; Dawn Jensen, Portland; Laura Juckeland, Portland; James Kearney, Portland; Ragen Kinney, Tigard; Christian Lehman, Portland; Priscilla Lightbourne, Portland; Diana Livingston, Portland; Amy Marszewski, Portland; Susan McCune, Lake Oswego; Molly Brennan, Portland; Michelle Monarch, Portland; Cherril Morgan, Portland; Kelly Morris, Lake Oswego; Kristin Niemi, Scappoose; Anzara Norton, Portland; Allison Onchi, Gresham; Michael Palmer, Portland; Julie Paugh-Beardall, Portland; Elaine Peterson, Salt Lake City, Utah; Amy Powell, Vancouver, Wash.; Kris Rosenquist, Portland; Timothy Roth, Portland; Michael Savage, Clackamas; Abigail Selden, Portland; Dorothy Severance, Portland; Amy Shepardson, Hood River; Laurie Stormshak, Clackamas; Christy Terrill, Ogden, Utah; Dawn Terry, Fairview; Elisabeth Thompson, Portland; Maureen Utz, Lake Oswego; Nate Wheeler, Portland; Bruce Wilbur, Estacada; Monique Wortman, Portland

Master of Science

Deanne Hansen, Portland; Kristin Hepton, Portland; Eric Arterberry, Lake Oswego; Bojan Boskovic, Portland; Julie Boyd, Beaverton; Mark Chase, Clackamas; Chris Chirgwin, Clackamas; Danae Domian, Lake Oswego; Carol Douthit, Scappoose; Joseph Dupuis, Tualatin; Aaron Edmark, Milwaukie; Flemming Erikstrup, Beaverton; Krista Grisel, Tigard; Umran Hasan, Portland; Martin Hillman, Portland; Scott Hood, Vancouver, Wash.; Jill Jackson, Portland; Daniel Jacobson, Portland; Rick Jensen, Portland; James Kindred, Roseburg; Soren Knudsen, Beaverton; Vincent Micallef, Tigard; Lawrence Moore II, Vancouver, Wash.; John Moran, Portland; Deborah Muhich, Clackamas; Ryan Ohira, Beaverton; Stephen Robb, Salem; Jaime Sanz de Santamaria, Tigard; Kendall Scudder, Portland; Claire Slawson, Portland; Orrada Somboondee, Portland; Francis Sotto, Portland; Herman Tan, Portland; Richard Weithas Jr., Portland; Tracy Weithas, Portland; David Wetzel, Sherwood

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Aida Ahanessians, Campbell, Calif.; Mohammed Al-Otaiby, Tigard; Joel-Dominique Sema, Portland

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Nasser Al-Ghamdi, Tigard; Salem Abdulrahman Al-Huraish, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Sami Al-Shubaibi, Lake Oswego; Ignacio Carreno, Portland; Hani Khogair, Beaverton

Bachelor of Arts

Michael Alexander, Washougal, Wash.; Miriam Ambriz, Portland; Jennifer Anthony, Walla Walla, Wash.; Marcy Jean Aplet, Scappoose; Bryan Appel, Portland; Sarah Axenty, Salem; Julia Beckner, Westfir; Jefferson Beeler, Tigard; Marie Bordeleau, Portland; Stephanie Brough, Litchfield Park, Ariz.; Jeffrey Buono, Portland; Emily Burger, Portland; Shannon Buxell, Puyallup, Wash.; Tobin Carlson, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; Zachary Carlson, Salt Lake City, Utah; Meela Chen, Beaverton; Nicole Christiansen, Tacoma, Wash.; DeSeon Chung, Agana, Guam; Andrew Cicerrella, Ashland; April Cleary, Salem; Hollen Combs, Oregon City; Amy Conrad, Portland; Albert Cook, Portland; Brenda Cooke, Gresham; Eleanor Cosgrove, Portland; Brian Dannen, Sherwood; Therese Davis, Aloha; Jennifer Debevec, Vacaville, Calif.; John Doran, Salem; Gregory Dundon, Clackamas; Daniel Finale, Pacifica, Calif.; Katheryn Fostakowsky, Camarillo, Calif.; Ryan Friebele, Portland; Dana Fujinaga, Kaneohe, Hawaii; Dyan Gaspard, Gresham; Christian Gervasi, Clackamas; Tad Gilbert, Tacoma, Wash.; Jarren Gonzales, Boise, Idaho; Jennifer Gorman, Portland; Jenifer Green, Portland; Daniel Griffith, MacDoel, Calif.; Aaron Hall, Warren; Cassie Hamilton, Olympia, Wash.; Simon Holowatz, Harrisburg; Anna Hurd, Helena, Mont.; Stephen Jackson, Gresham; Rhiana Jones, Portland; Juni Jordan, Bellevue, Wash.; Takamori Kadoi, Portland; Tara Koleski, Phoenix, Ariz.; Andrea Lassett, Klamath Falls; Michelle Lee, Portland; Laura Lewis, Seattle, Wash.; Anne Linde, Portland; Michael Little, Bremerton, Wash.; Angelique Maidhof, Portland; Andrew McClellan, Gresham; Brianna McDougal, Tacoma, Wash.; Colin McGinty, Gilroy, Calif.; Natasha Medina, Vancouver, Wash.; Maria Munoz, Seattle, Wash.; Paul Navarra, Portland; Leila Nicotera, Portland; Robert Norwood Jr. , Tacoma, Wash.; Andrea Ogborn, Portland; Yuri Oshima, Okazaki Aichi, Japan; Andrea Pascarelli, Portland; Erin Pearson, San Antonio, Texas; Jennifer Peck, Springfield; Cynthia Polance, Tacoma, Wash.; Jim Rainwater, Seattle, Wash.; Karena Randall, Portland; Kathryn Ranes, Seattle, Wash.; Mellissa Ransmeier, Portland; Alexander Richardson, Milwaukie; Erica Roelofs, Eugene; Dia Rogers, Ramona, Calif.; Kira Siebert, Portland; Elizabeth Siller, Portland; Kimberly Stiles, Spokane, Wash.; Christopher Taffera, Edmonds, Wash.; Lay-Ping Tan, Beaverton; Sarah Taylor, Portland; Emily Thayer, Vacaville, Calif.; Maribel Torres, Portland; Claudia Tureac, Portland; Wendy Vander Velde, Las Vegas, Nev.; Brandon Watson, Carlsbad, N.M.; Joy Westgate, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Christopher Woo, Portland

Bachelor of Science

James Aurand, Vancouver, Wash.; Nelson Bansil, Las Vegas, Nev.; Richard Bauder, Portland; Courtney Bauer, Portland; Matthew Bauer, Portland; Sarah Bishop, Olympia, Wash.; Kathryn Bowman, Woodburn; Anna Marie Bozo, Portland; Erin Brock, Portland; Jeffrey Brown, Federal Way, Wash.; Amanda Calnan, Ridgefield, Wash.; Lawrence Candelario, Foley, Ala.; Sarah Chapman, Lake Oswego; Shaylin Pui Yuk Ku'upunahele Chock, Vancouver, Wash.; Elliott Clinton, Aloha; Eric Compton, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Jami Cordes, Gresham; Brian Cowart, Stevenson, Wash.; Robin Crace, Redmond, Wash.; Sergio Crespo, Jacksonville, Fla.; Benjamin Currier; Selfridge, Mich.; Adriana DaVeiga, Vancouver, Wash.; Michael Dash, Waipahu, Hawaii; Camille Denholm, Spokane, Wash.; Thomas Doherty, Olympia, Wash.; Mary Ducharme, Tualitin; Elizabeth Elser, Salem; Joe Freeman, Anchorage, Alaska; Erik Fryburg, Portland; Chris Gee, Portland; Lorie Gordon, Portland; Rhoda Hafiz, Portland; Scott Haij, Vancouver, Wash.; Brian Halfman, Salem; Emily Halladay, Vancouver, Wash.; Christopher Hanschka, West Linn; Wendy Harkins, Lakeview; Teresa Hauser, Long Beach, Wash.; Stephanie Henshaw, Vaugen, Wash.; Joan Hepler, Hubbard; Kevin Hodges, Vancouver, Wash.; Rachel Hutson, Corbett; Brandon Itagaki, Aiea, Hawaii; Kasey Johnson, Seaside; Jeremiah Jones, Portland; Yvette Kaholo, Nanakuli, Hawaii; Samuel Kraemer, Puyallup, Wash.; Julie Kurkinen, Portland; Ryan Lafrenz, Portland; Timothy Langford, Lebanon; Thang Quoc Le, Portland; Rachael Logsdon, Schwenksville, Pa.; Ravi Mathews, Portland; Kendall Ju ichi, Chew Mun Mau, Kaneohe, Hawaii; Scott McCandless, Olympia, Wash.; Lynde Minster, Ione; Dung Nguyen, Portland; Eustacio Ortiz II, Portland; Eron Osterhaus, Portland; Cathrina Pereira, Crescent City, Calif.; Lori Peterson, Des Moines, Wash.; Mitchell Pinkerton, Honolulu, Hawaii; Miriam Pumpelly, Portland; Jennifer Reese, Spokane, Wash.; Mark Reith, Portland; Elise Rodriguez, Olympia, Wash.; Matthew Roscoe, Brush Prairie, Wash.; Jenny Schroedel, Edina, Minn.; Lara Shamieh, Vancouver, Wash.; Melanie Sharp, Cottage Grove; Tia Sharpe, Portland; Barbara Smith, Gresham; Jennifer Smith, Portland; Angelo Sommer, Portland; Kyle Sprankles, Fallbrook, Calif.; Sarah Sprow, Portland; D. Stone, Portland; Shandi Stracke, Beaverton; Michael Summerson, Vancouver, Wash.; Frances Tavelli, Boise, Idaho; Susan Taylor, Oceanside, Calif.; Mimi Tran, Spokane, Wash.; Jennifer Umphlett, Eugene; Anthony Wiken, Milwaukie; Russell Williford, Lexington, Texas; Amanda Wilsey, Portland

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Laura Adelman, Portland; Lisa Anderson, Portland; Emily Anthony, Florence; Isha Barnes, Portland; Lori Bonawitz, Portland; Carrie Boyum, Ellensburg, Wash.; Angela Bradley, Elmira; Kathryn Brattebo, Liberty Lake, Wash.; Christine Brown, Irvine, Calif.; Julia Brown, Tigard; Mary Casey, Milwaukie; Elizabeth Clark, Portland; Rosanne Combs, Portland; Betsy Cordill, Madras; Tracy Croce, Beaverton; Rhonda Davidson, Gresham; Lyndie Destefanis, Hollister, Calif.; Danielle Dezelan, Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Charles Dwyer, Portland; Susan Dwyer, Carmel, Ind.; Lorraine Eckelberg, Portland; Elisa Engbretson, Tigard; Joseph Foss, Oregon City; Betty Goracke, Portland; Jennifer Grabner, Vancouver, Wash.; Mary Harmon, Portland; Linh Vu Ngoc Hoang, Vancouver, Wash.; Kevin Hunt, Colorado Springs, Colo.; April Hutchison, Beaverton; Kristina Johnson, Hebo; Carmine Jones-Gifford, Portland; Amanda Kelley, Duvall, Wash.; Jessica Kiley, Portland; Molly Kollas, Portland; Misty Kopperman, Portland; Amy Lavin, Portland; Charlane Lichatowich, Portland; Kristine Loney, Lake Oswego; Sandy Luchs, Salem; April Martin, Beaverton; Lindsay Mason, Portland; Rachel Matson, Portland; Kameron McClain, Portland; Christi Meador, Roseburg; Natalya Morozova, Portland; Melissa Morris, Portland; Melinda Mossman, Englewood, Colo; Donald Muccigrosso Jr., Portland; Nicholas Munoz, Beavercreek, Ohio; Lori Okino, Kailua, Hawaii; Maritt Penwell, Vancouver, Wash.; Anne Porter, Milwaukie; Melissa Rainbolt, Corvallis; Michael Sherfinski, Federal Way, Wash.; Rebecca Shower, Rainier; Rebecca Sorenson, Ellensburg, Wash.; Maria Stein, Beaverton; Erin Thom, Hillsboro; Holly Watson, Portland; Cynthia White, Portland; Darci Wiebke, Milwaukie; Jenni Word, Oregon City; Tammy Young, Vancouver, Wash.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Fouad Abuaisha, Corvallis; Sara Allen, Salt Lake City, Utah; Jill Anstett, Aurora, Colo.; Eleanor Arellano, Boise, Idaho; Emily Aronow, Blachly; Shannon Beadle, Juneau, Alaska; Michael Behunin, Portland; Ricki Bergman, Portland; Richard Bianchi, Vashon Island, Wash.; Joaquina Borja, Saipan, Mariana Islands; Jill Braman, Portland; Brooke Bridgens, Beaverton; Jamil Brush, Los Angeles, Calif.; David Bruton, Grants Pass; Alison Casey, Spokane, Wash.; Thomas Cody III, Vancouver, Wash.; John Crisostomo, Portland; Darcy Danna, Gresham; Elizabeth Danna, Clackamas; Molly Deady, Portland; Patricia Dixon-Eckols, Portland; Dugan Earl, Olympia, Wash.; Daniel Falcone, Edmonton, Alberta; Kerri Halpin, Carmichael, Calif.; Jessica Harrington, Portland; Jason Hertel, The Dalles; Tyler Honzel, Lake Oswego; Brendan Hupf, Edmonds, Wash.; Hemingway Huynh, Salem; Minh Huynh, Portland; Kari Jamison, Portland; Eric Johnson, Vancouver, Wash.; Khalid Kayal, Portland; Patrick Kessi, Scappoose; Douglas Kienzle, Sparks, Nev.; Stephen Klawitter, San Diego, Calif.; Griffen Kruse, Lake Oswego; Matthew LaMarche, Portland; Cristina Lalangan, Portland; Nora Lopez, Beaverton; Brian Lovegren, Portland; Matthew Luce, Portland; Scott Ludviksen, Mount Angel; Patrick Mallory, Tigard; Monica Manseau, Portland; Shelley Mauss, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Paula McCarty, Aloha; Jamie Meyer, Vancouver, Wash.; Anna Mimnaugh, Lake Oswego; Randi Mimnaugh, Lake Oswego; Chris Mueller, Portland; Donna Mullen, The Dalles; Basim Nawas, Portland; Brandy Nichols, Beaverton; Robert Norton, Madras; John Piikoika'alala Padeken Jr. , Kaneohe, Hawaii; Gregory Park, Gladstone; Jacob Pestana, Brookings; Heather Peterson, Spokane, Wash.; Aaron Prince, Canby; Megan Reid, Portland; Henry Rico, Portland; Justin Ross, Selah, Wash.; Matthew Schaefer, Corvallis; Andrew Schaer, Vancouver, Wash.; Jenni Schweitzer, Reno, Nev.; Joshua Seitz, Gresham; Kent Senffner, McKinleyville, Calif.; Ryan Seto, Honolulu, Hawaii; Megan Seus, Tulelake, Calif.; Andrea Smith, Bozeman, Mont.; Amanda Stannard, Logsden; Hoon-Suak Suhr, Vancouver, Wash.; Rebecca Swoveland, Federal Way, Wash.; Carlos Szilard, Portland; Julie Van Fleet, Hillsboro; Tania Vanderschuere, Hillsboro; Jason Vaughn, Drain; Joshua Vore, Waldport; Brian Walsh, Portland; Daniel Watson, Grants Pass; Sonja West, Oregon City; Amber White, Portland; Staci Wigren, Everett, Wash.; Chinson Ha Yew, Lakewood, Wash.; Amy Zdunich, Kelso, Wash.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences

Scott Lliteras, Boise, Idaho

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Muhammad Al-Tabtabaei, Beaverton; Matthew Borden, Salem; Nicole Brincken, Spokane, Wash.; Jeffrey Cave, Portland; Anthony Clark, Milwaukie; Douglas Coombs, Vancouver, Wash.; Todd Davis, Chimacum, Wash.; Michael Egan, Beaverton; Joel Gillard, Portland; Colleen Gross, Gresham; Avery Johnson, Portland; Rian Johnson, Gresham; Thomas Peters, Banks; Tonya Strejan, Canby; Michael Switzer, Gresham; Michael Teslevich, Phoenix, Ariz.; David White, Dallas; Norma Worth, Tigard

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Eric Bergmans-Martens, Beaverton; Matthew Cash, Richland, Wash.; Brian Cortese, Butte, Mont.; George DeCarlo III, Kelso, Wash.; Rebecca Ellsworth, Portland; Edward Faris, Portland; Andrew Gist, Portland; Matthew Hewitt, Santa Rosa, Calif.; Benjamin Higgins, Salem; Christopher McPhee, Rainier; Jacques Nguyen, Portland; Kent Nguyen, Portland; Vuongkhanh Nguyen, Portland; Sergey Pasechnikov, Portland; Michael Persons, Portland; Thanh Phuong, Portland; Eric Rix, Gresham; Damon Sabo, West Linn; Scott Scheuneman, Jacksonville; Kyle Schlappi, Portland; Brian Smith, Kent, Wash.; Brian Sticka, Gresham; Timothy Trumbull, Tigard; Bruce Webb, England, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Allyson Adler, Vancouver, Wash.; Javis Carino, Mililani, Hawaii; Andrew Daleiden, Bodega Bay, Calif.; Aaron Duggan, Beaverton; Bryan Elkins, Vancouver, Wash.; Brent Gailey, Clackamas; Kent Heli, Stayton; Kurt Helphinstine, Florence; Ryan LeProwse, Federal Way, Wash.; William Lulay, Lyons; Kathleen Maloney, Springfield; Shane McKenzie, Battle Ground, Wash.; Matthew Miller, Boring; Justin Morrison, Puyallup, Wash.; Melissa Neeley, Salem; Jason Spielman, Sheridan, Wyo.; Joseph Waln, Summerville; Michael Williams, Battle Ground, Wash.; Anthony Yi, Anchorage, Alaska

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management

Hyeon Kim, Chinjn Kyung nam South Korea; Mark McCallum, Portland; Maria Van Houten, Beaverton

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Laurie Aledo, Aloha; Amanda Anderson, Beaverton; Megan Anderson, Vancouver, Wash.; Sheila Arcilla, Honolulu, Hawaii; Lisette Boss, Beaverton; Corrine Carroll, Tigard; Amy Curtis, Portland; Kristen Eaton, Boise, Idaho; Myra Edmond, Tigard; Jennefer Elsea, Portland; Renae Faris, Milwaukie; Michelle Galloway, Portland; Sarah Imholt, Cornelius; Jenna Johnson, Salem; Cheryl King, Citrus Heights, Calif.; Shannon MacCormac, Portland; Megan Patrick, Bend; Heidi Patterson, Gresham; Nancy Pompili, Portland; Natasha Rhein, Spokane, Wash.; Robbie Russell, Seattle, Wash.; Elizabeth Schindele, Boise, Idaho; Stacey Stanley, Albany; Nicole Thorn, Spokane, Wash.; Theresa Turner, Gaston; Sarah Wells, Olympia, Wash.; Lisa Wilcox, Portland; Daniel Young, Ontario

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

David Atherton, Troutdale; Christopher Demianew, Pendleton; Daniel Draper, Gresham; Rachel Draper, Parkdale; Kyle Laier, Longview, Wash.; Lisa Madzelan, Portland; Stephanie O'Neill, Tumwater, Wash.; Teresa Rollins, Portland; Paul Turner, Kent, Wash.

Bachelor of Music Education

Emmett Bowker, Gresham; Julie Hunt, Enumclaw, Wash.; Christopher McLean, Beaverton; Marlene Trigg, Portland