The federal government has changed suppliers for assembling federal coronavirus food aid. The Archdiocese of Portland and a handful of parishes around the western part of the state have been distribution partners.

Starting Sept. 1, the USDA chose national companies Produce Alliance and Sysco Corporation to handle food boxes for Oregon.

According to Carmen Gaston, spokeswoman at the pastoral center, the archdiocese is working with the two new suppliers and hopes to have deliveries begin as early as Oct. 5.

Gaston said the archdiocese has been grateful to partner with Pacific Coast Fruit in the earlier phases of the program.

Priests, volunteers and even Archbishop Alexander Sample all volunteered to load boxes into the cars of needy Oregonians.

The video produced by the archdiocese about this ministry was shown Sept. 23 at the United Fresh virtual conference where many congressional staffers were in the audience as well as hundreds of produce industry growers and shippers. The video was very well received by so many who watched.

See the video: