Q—If my mother is confined to an assisted living facility and has no option for Sunday Mass other than television does this satisfy her obligation? If not does she commit a serious sin each Sunday?

A— Put very simply and straightforwardly, there is no sin in these circumstances of your mother’s. It is very clear that your mother wants to be present for the Sunday Eucharist, but is unable to be there. Participating through following the celebration on television is a good thing, or perhaps reading the prayers of the Mass on her own. And, if she could get her hands on the readings for the Liturgy of the Word so as to read them, think about them, and pray with them, that would be excellent. Does a communion minister bring her Holy Communion regularly? If not, that’s not difficult to set up through the parish in which the assisted living facility is located. Not only is there no sin, but your mother is to be highly commended for her desire to be part of the eucharistic community.