The world would do well to recapture the notion of sin, Archbishop Alexander Sample said March 26. Not fire and brimstone, the archbishop explained, but “a healthy understanding that we are all sinners.”

In a March 26 livestreamed talk from his home chapel, Archbishop Sample explained that Jesus came not only to teach us or to impart a moral code, but to save us from death and from sin that had grasped humanity. That truth has gotten lost as humans have embraced the idea that they all are basically good and that God will naturally bring them to heaven.

That’s not what Jesus thought, said the archbishop, recounting frequent Gospel stories in which Jesus urged people to repentance, even has he healed their infirmities. The very public ministry of Jesus began with calls to repentance from John the Baptist and Jesus himself.

The talk came as Holy Week approached and the archbishop reminded listeners that the high holy days of Christianity focus on the paschal mystery in which Jesus suffers and dies on the cross, working salvation from sin for humanity for all time.

“This is about the most important things that have ever happened in human history,” the archbishop said. “This is all the pure love of God. This is it. This is everything.”

As is usual in the chapel chats, viewers used the comment section to utter words of thanks and ask for prayers.

The archbishop gave his own thanks. April 2 would mark eight years since he was installed as leader of the Archdiocese of Portland.

“Nothing could make me happier than to be here and be your archbishop,” he said.