While many feel anxious, Archbishop Alexander Sample has called on Catholics to keep their eyes on Jesus and work together.

In a livestreamed talk given from his home chapel the night before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Archbishop Sample read two Gospel passages, one in which Jesus calms the storm and another in which Jesus walks on the water to rescue the apostles caught in another gale.

In the second story, St. Peter is able to stay afloat so long as he looks at Jesus. But when Peter gets distracted by the wind and waves, he sinks.

The stories, the archbishop explained, show that when people focus on Jesus, peace is the result.

“I know there are a lot of reasons to be upset now,” the archbishop said, citing the new surge of the pandemic and associated angry debates. “But we have to keep our gaze fixed on what ultimately is most important: our faith in the Lord Jesus and his promises to us.”

The archbishop told the story of his father’s death and how reading the prayers of the church over the body gave him and the rest of the family hope and courage to move forward.

“Our true peace is always in the Lord Jesus,” he said. “He is the only one who can bring us this peace.”

Satan seeks to exploit difficult times to increase fear, anxiety and division, the archbishop warned, adding that the antidote is to trust more in the Lord and work for unity.

“We need to stick together,” the archbishop said. “We need to be one.”

The stream had almost 3,000 views.

“Your words were such a great comfort to me at this moment in time,” commented viewer Ann Austin. “Watching the daily local news and all the coverage of COVID has left me so shaken and fearful. But now I feel stronger and less fearful realizing what you said. Jesus has got this.”