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  • Archbishop urges fervent preparation during Lent
    As Lent began, Archbishop Alexander Sample encouraged Catholics to enter the season fully through prayer, fasting and good works, all with the goal of growing closer to Christ.
  • Archbishop pleads for unity
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Jan. 29 delivered an ardent appeal for unity in society, especially the church.

  • Archbishop on protecting unborn: ‘We will be relentless’
    Archbishop Alexander Sample said Jan. 23 that Oregon’s pro-life advocates will be relentless and even extreme in peaceful efforts to secure the lives of the unborn.
  • Archbishop: Taking COVID-19 vaccine morally permissible
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Jan. 13 issued a letter assuring Catholics that receiving inoculations against COVID-19 is morally permissible, especially the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
  • Archbishop joins nation’s bishops in praying for President Biden
    “As we face the moral, social and political challenges ahead for our nation, I encourage all Catholics to pray for our new president,” Archbishop Alexander Sample said on inauguration day.
  • ‘What did God make you to do?’
    Jake Coleman — who attended St. Clare School in Southwest Portland, Jesuit High School and the University of Notre Dame — said the calling strengthened as he matured and came to know himself better. He hit that time of life when young adults confront their weaknesses; for him, the process revealed that he deeply needs Christ.
  • ‘In this is our entire hope’
    The pandemic, political division, wildfires, remnants of racism and civil unrest during 2020 have left many Oregonians feeling, as the prophet Isaiah put it, that they have walked in darkness. “But it is precisely in the midst of all this that we have seen a great light, a light that now has shown upon all of us,” Archbishop Alexander Sample said during Christmas midnight Mass at Portland’s St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.
  • 2020 Christmas letter from Archbishop Sample
    This past year has been like no other, at least in my lifetime. Let me just say it — it’s been a tough year. This past year has brought us a global pandemic, severe political division, a reminder of the remnants of racism in our society, social unrest and even violence, and wildfires. So many lives lost, so many grieving families, so many lives severely disrupted, so much loss and suffering. Yes, many of us can’t wait to turn the page on this year and look forward to better things in 2021.

  • Archbishop invites believers to Advent spirituality
    Christians ought to keep up the beautiful spiritual practices of Advent year-round, Archbishop Alexander Sample said during a Dec. 11 livestreamed talk from his home chapel in outer Northwest Portland.
  • Archbishop: Wearing masks an act of charity
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Dec. 4 urged Catholics to view the coronavirus surge soberly and follow safety protocols, including the wearing of face masks and keeping a safe distance. He also said that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and her staff are people of good will who sincerely are trying to protect public health and want to see an end to the pandemic. 
Archbishop Sample joins national conversation on racism
    Combatting racism was one focus of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ annual mid-November meeting, held online this year because of the pandemic.
  • Archbishop on McCarrick report: The institutional church failed
    A shaken Archbishop Alexander Sample last week reflected on the Vatican’s report on former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Two decades ago, McCarrick rose to high leadership in the church despite serial sexual misconduct.
  • WATCH: ‘Let Jesus take care of it’
    Archbishop Alexander Sample urged peace and trust as results of the presidential election were becoming clear.

  • Archbishop: The dead are still part of our community
    A list of more than 500 names, western Oregon Catholics who have died in the past year, appeared on the screen before an All Souls Day Mass livestreamed Nov. 2 from St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland.
  • WATCH: The problem of suffering
    During his Oct. 23 Chapel Chat, Archbishop Alexander Sample took up the theological problem of suffering, which he said poses a chief obstacle to belief in God. In the context of pandemic, racial strife, political division and wild-fires, the archbishop posed the great question: How can an all-knowing, all-powerful God, who is goodness itself, allow suffering?
  • WATCH: Rosary, exorcism held to bring peace and justice to city
    Archbishop Alexander Sample offered a rosary for peace and conducted an exorcism for a city that has witnessed peaceful racial justice protests peppered with riots for more than four months.
  • Archbishop urges thoughtful voting
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Oct. 9 appealed to voters to explore issues deeply and apply the principles of natural law before casting ballots.
  • Archbishop encourages young, healthy Catholics back to Eucharist
    In his Oct. 2 online Chapel Chat, Archbishop Alexander Sample invited and urged Catholics to return to Mass if they are able.

  • WATCH: Archbishop Sample sees Santiam Canyon fire damage close up
    “It’s easy for me to tell you to have no anxiety, not to worry. I didn’t lose my home,” the archbishop said that afternoon during Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish here. “But I bring a message of hope to all of you: The Lord tells us not to be anxious, to trust in him.”
  • Archbishop visits those affected by Riverside Fire
    Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample celebrated Mass and visited the people at St. Aloysius Church here Sept. 26, as residents returned to their homes after more than two weeks of evacuation in the face of the Riverside Fire.
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