GRESHAM — Dyan Cubacub was baptized as a baby, but that, for decades, was pretty much it when it came to her relationship with the Catholic Church.

“My mom was really busy and we never went,” Cubacub explained — a sentence that says worlds about the demands working parents face in today’s economy.

Then, in 2019, when Cubacub had finished her degree in information technology, she decided she wanted to check another box on her bucket list, the most important one.

“I wanted to truly embrace the church I’d been baptized in,” she said.

She and her boyfriend, Jason Budd, had moved to the Gresham area and she looked around for Catholic parishes. She didn’t have to look far.

“This is very welcoming,” she remembers thinking about St. Henry Parish. Not only that, but Barbara Adams, director of music ministry, “was really talented and amazing,” said Cubacub. “That’s what got me hooked. I feel the Catholic faith drew me in through the music.”

Adams announced she was looking for choir members and Cubacub volunteered. She sang in the choir throughout her Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) classes.

Her father, she explained, was a trumpet player.

Cubacub has played flute, saxophone, piano, ukulele and guitar in addition to singing. She laughed about her mother’s contribution to that talent. “She sings karaoke,” Cubacub said.

Her mother tried to bring Cubacub to church when she was a teenager, but Cubacub, like so many adolescents, would have none of it. “I thought it was boring,” she said.

The church and the RCIA program met Cubacub where she is in another way. She and Budd had been discussing marriage.

“Learning about the sacrament of marriage really stood out for me,” she said. “I decided I wanted to be married in the Catholic Church.”

She talked with Budd about what she was learning in RCIA — “so he’s learning a bit of it too.”

She said her sponsor, Jeanette Stewart, “taught me the proper way to know about the Catholic faith. We connected.”

Cubacub said she’s pleased with how she has deepened her relationship with God and Jesus Christ since deciding to become confirmed and take Communion. Her first Communion was at the Easter Vigil.

She is now well connected with one of her earliest memories: Her grandmother prayed every night. And she now considers it an act of love that her mother scolded her about refusing to go to church. “My family taught me good values,” she said.

Cubacub is now set to carry on those values.