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Marylhurst grad program May-August

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5/3/2011 2:09:00 PM
Service relationships transform hearts and minds of Jesuit seniors
Jesuit High School photos
The class of 2011 from Jesuit High School.   
Jesuit High School photos
The class of 2011 from Jesuit High School.

\Jesuit students load supplies during a food drive.
\Jesuit students load supplies during a food drive.
A heroic journey for a master teacher
When she first came to the United States from Argentina in 1982, Jesuit High School Spanish teacher Claudia Raffaele spoke almost no English. When Raeffaele left Argentina, the country was under a military dictatorship. She had been in a teacher education program and was a teacher of Spanish philosophy and literature.

In the US, Raeffaele had to start all over again, as her home country was not cooperative in her attempts to find a teaching job here. She forged her way through the crucible of the American immigrant experience, working first in a sweatshop in Los Angeles, then as a translator as her English skills improved.

For the past 11 years, Raffaele has been a superb teacher of Spanish at Jesuit, a mentor to generations of students, and an Ignatian companion to her colleagues. In addition, as a single mother, she has raised three children (Eddie, ’03, Karolyn ’05, and Jean-Luc ’13).

Now, her heroic journey is coming full-circle, and this time, she will really celebrate with the members of her family. Claudia’s mother has arrived from Argentina to witness her daughter’s receiving a master’s degree in education from George Fox University.

At the same time at the same university, Eddie Raffaele will receive his master's of business administration. Two weeks later, Claudia’s daughter Karolyn will also receive a master of science degree in student affairs in higher education from Colorado State University.  

“I want to thank the members of my family, and the Jesuit family, for all the support they have offered me, especially Karen Love and Teri Stroschein," Raeffaele says. "Now it is my hope to ‘pay it forward.’”

Paul Hogan, academic vice principal, says Raffaele serves as an inspiration not only to students, but to faculty.

"She is the paragon of a lifelong learner," Hogan explains. "If she can get a master’s while raising three fantastic children on her own, all of us can keep on learning and growing. Claudia’s journey has truly been heroic.  We are very proud to call Claudia Raffaele a ‘master’ at Jesuit High.”

Jesuit High holds a Baccalaureate Mass at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, June 4 in the Knight Center. Commencement is set for 11 a.m. Sunday, June 5 in the same place.

Valedictorians are Tulsee Doshi, Ankith Harathi, Amira Joseph, Maria Mai, Sanjana Rao and Katherine Tran. Salutatorians are Emily Bauer, Kellie Malone, Megan McCarroll and Joseph Wanner.

There is an old saying that “numbers do not lie.”

But a mere look at the number of hours Jesuit High School’s Class of 2011 has completed since the end of their sophomore year would miss something important. From student reflections in journals and papers it is clear students realize it is not the number of hours that matter, but the relationships they have made during their service.

"The relationships are transformative and speak to the essence of being men and women for and with others," says Scott Powers, who coordinates Christian service at the Southwest Portland school. "In the end, it is these relationships that will continue to inspire the Class of 2011 to be of service in our world."

Nandi Vanka volunteered at Blanchet House, where people who are homeless are fed and can get help finding work. Relationships can transform hearts and minds, Vanka says.

“Simply because one person lives in worse conditions than another does not classify between the worth of both humans’ souls," she wrote in a journal. "The fact that one has a bank account, large house and a credit card does not give them a reason to ignore the other people God also made in his image. If we can truly call ourselves Christians, we need to stop judging people before we even know them.”

The class of 2011 offered more than 36,000 service hours, or an average of 125 hours per student. The total is twice what was needed for credit.  

Here are the graduates: Kelly Abplanalp, Madison Adams, Tyler Aguon, Jordan Akwenuke, Sean Alvey, Cassandra Anctil, Thomas Arand, Mary Arnold, Nicolas Atwood, Jacob August, Clare Baldus, Shannon Balk, James Bannan, Anna Bany, Emily Bauer, Zachary Bear, Jordan Beary, Joseph Becic, Hannah Behrens, Emelia Bennett, Ryan Benson, Xavier Berhanu, Braden Bernards, Sofia Bernards, Emily Berning, Branden Berry, Colleen Biemer, Jacob Bishop, Cermak Bland, Benjamin Blankenship, Tori Boedigheimer, Michael Boshears, Nathan Bowen, Tyler Breault, Elizabeth Brenner, Alexandra Bretthauer, Elizabeth Brewer, Lindsay Brewis, Acacia Briggs, Dane Brown, Helen Bryant, Benjamin Buckmaster, Alyssa Burris, Lauren Butz, Baylee Butzer, Michael Carroll, Austin Carter, Brian Chaddock, Jessica Chau, Benjamin Cheek, Julia Christensen, Aubrey Cleland, Zachary Clouse, Joseph Coleman, Christopher Colley, Elliot Connall, Steven Corbett, Maria Cota-Robles, Katherine Cronin, Kelly Crowley, Grace Culhane, Steven DaSilva, Sabrah de Voir, Alexandra Decker, Celine DeClercq, Lucas dePinna, Thomas Dickinson, Ryan Donlon, Tulsee Doshi, William Dow, Lauren Dulcich, Carter Dwyer, Connor Eddy, Connor Eden, Jane Endres, Blake Evetts, Zemen Fekede, Paul Fitzpatrick, Amanda Flores, John-Patrick Fogarty, Alexandra Forsyth, Christopher Fucile, Bradley Gaman, Molly Gambee, Surobhi Ganguly, Thomas Geulin, Brinda Gokul, Garmai Gorlorwulu, Peder Gram, Margaret Greene, Joseph Griffin, Joseph Grimmer, Jack Grodahl, Brian Grubb, Jack Hagler, Kyle Hagmeier, Michael Hall, Ankith Harathi, Ephriam Harnsberger, Amanda Harrigan, Rachel Hartmeier, Spencer Hawes, Zachary He, Patrick Heath, Colleen Heffernan, Sarah Heisler, Thomas Heminger, Parker Hoffman, Nathan Holt, Travis Huber, Alyssa Hudson, Clark Huey, Pauline Huynh, Soo Hwang, Rachel Illias, Marian Janes, Greta Jarvis, Alexander Johnson, Taylor Johnson, Anastasia Jones, Briana Jones, Conor Jones, Jackson Jones, Annemarie Jonsson, Amira Joseph, Rachael Joseph, Sophia June, Karen Katigbak, Case Keltner, Caitlin Kennel, Omar Khan, Dayna Kim, Elaina Kim, Jacob Kincaid, Emilee Klein, Alexander Kolinski, Hayley Krach, Robert Krause Jr., Taylor Krueger, Branden Kusanto, Joseph Kushner, Christina Landreville, Terry Larson, Elizabeth Lawler, Gabriel Lawrence, Cynthia Le, Gram Leahy, Megan Leonard, Emily Lewis, Matthew Liberator, Duncan Lindsay, Meghan Link, Georgeanne Loennig, Joseph Long, Michael Love, Annamarie Maag, Stephen Macey, Shannon Mahoney, Maria Mai, Emily Maletis, Kellie Malone, Olivia Marshall, Alison Martin, Samantha Martin, Harrison Matarazzo, Nathan Matsunaga, Megan McCarroll, Cara McDavitt, Connor McDonald, Tara McKeen, Quinn McLafferty, Kyle Milligan, Michael Milowski, Christopher Mueller, Nicholas Muench, Luke Multanen, Mary Mulvey, Henry Murphy, Dolan Murvihill, Brock Nelson, Emma Nelson, Jack Nelson, Christine Ngan, Louise Nistler, Marie Pahlmeyer, Nicholas Paino, Kelsey Parisi, Justin Pfeffer, Matthew Pierson, Mark Plumlee, Kayla Pollard, Amanda Potter, Morgan Powers, Henry Prosser, Luke Rafter, Arushi Raghuvanshi, Steven Raimondi, Sanjana Rao, Elizabeth Rapp, Bridget Rayburn, Genevieve Reaume, Nicholas Rhodes, Kaitlin Rich, Kasey Richards, Audrey Riddell, David Rinella, Jacquelyn Ritacco, John Rizzo, Charles Rogers, John Rogers, Nigel Rogers, Kayla Sahli, Isaac Saldivar, Lorae Schafer, Mark Schiedler, Madeline Schilling, Benjamin Schouten, Alexis Schray, Jessica Schray, Payton Schutte, William Schwartz, Taylor Scroggy, Dylan Seitz, Matthew Shinseki, Julia Simpson, Kelsey Sirgy, Katherine Skayhan, Catherine Son, Jacquelyn South, Madeline Specht, Mathew Specht, Claire Stach, Daniella Stach, Kathryn Stempel, Samuel Stephenson, Grace Stevenson, Sheila Stocks, Kelly Strader, Hailee Strength, Alex Sullivan, Jonathan Sullivan, Sullivan Swift, Phillip Taggart, Jordan Talley, Mary Talmadge, Wesley Tatum, Alexandra Taylor, Colleen Tercek, Molly Terrell, Cole Thomas, Madeline Toth-Fejel, Audrey Tran, Katherine Tran, Meredith Truax, Michael Tsang, Jake Unterberger, Cyril Van Dyke, Nandita Vanka, Frank Viviano IV, Riley Vogel, Jacqueline Wagner, Joseph Wallace, Jennifer Walsh, Joseph Wanner, Haley Warren, Katie Waters, Miles Weatheroy, Christine Webb, Deanne Weeratunga, Timothy Wehrley Jr, Hannah Welch, Kendall Westphal, Riley Wiggins, Marissa Wilkins, Bridget Wilmes, Charlotte Wilson, Kyle Wiltjer, Matthew Wise, Brooklynn Wisher, Kyla Wisniewski, Katie Wood, Manali Yavatkar, Mighten Yip, Jennifer Yoo, Meredith Yung, Conor Zellmer, Daniel Zika


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