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Catholic Sentinel | Portland, OR Thursday, February 11, 2016
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John leads us to Jesus
Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016
The Baptism of the Lord
Everyone needs affirmation in life. When I was a young woman and decided to work in the Church, I waited anxiously for my parents to tell me that I had made the right decision. Their support saw me through those first years and affirmed my initial decision. I had no idea at the time that my choice was linked to my own faith and not simply my parents’ faith in me.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Love for Mary is part of our DNA
Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Where does Marian devotion arise? What fuels it? What sustains it? The intellectual answer might well be articulated from the works of the early Church or the writings of the Church Councils. To take that approach would be somewhat like saying Marian devotion begins in the muscles in our heads. I believe that it is more than an intellectual devotion. Like a smile, I think it begins in the heart – in the core of what makes us the persons we are.

Thursday, December 17, 2015
I like being Catholic
Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015 
Second Sunday of Advent
When I reflect on some of the reasons I like being Catholic, I almost always begin with the simple fact that Catholicism makes sense to me. All the direction I need to live a good life is available to me in the Scripture, our magisterium, and in the example of others. Advent is part of the “sensible Church.” The liturgies of Advent and Pope Francis’ proclamation of a Jubilee Year of Mercy give me a map that leads to the Kingdom.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Ours is an unlikely king
Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015
Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Christ introduces us to a form of kingship that is alien to our world. In this Gospel, he tells us about his kingship. He is the one whose crown is made of thorns and whose throne is a cross.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Look to Mary, she knows our lives
OREGON CITY — We often do not think about it, but Mary was only around 13 years old we she said yes to God. That is really young to be the mother of God. 
Monday, November 9, 2015
Sacraments linked to seasons
Ever since I moved out of my crib, I have been surrounded by the rituals of farm life and have learned the routine of each season. Over these years of growing in faith, I have found that the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church have a peculiar way of connecting to the seasons of the year.
Monday, November 9, 2015
Don't let distractions keep you from maintaining, growing your faith

Through school, sports, struggles, friends, and family it's easy to become pulled away and distracted from your faith and relationship with God. If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone and you can still become recommitted to your faith and relationship with God.

Monday, November 9, 2015
Catholic youth are the Church of today

In late September, it was common to see thousands of people gather to listen to Pope Francis as he visited the East Coast of the United States. During this time, the Holy Father went to numerous Cathedrals, addressed the Congress, and went to many important U.S monuments where he met with the public to address important matters. 

Monday, November 9, 2015
Don't forget about the poor
Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015
Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
There are many sayings that have been quoted so often that no one seems to know who first said them. “We do not see things as they are but as we are ourselves” is one of those. It has been attributed to Anaïs Nin, the Babylonian Talmud and to dozens of others. It might well apply to the many ways we interpret the story of the rich people and the poor widow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Innocence, complexity and sanctity

CHICAGO — Some years ago, I officiated at a wedding. As the officiating priest, I was invited to the reception and dance that followed upon the church service. Not knowing the family well and having church services the next morning, I left right after the banquet and the toasts, just as the dancing was about to start. When I was seemingly out of earshot, I heard the bride’s father say to someone: “I’m glad that Father has gone; now we can celebrate with some rock music!”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
The cost of discipleship
Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015
Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
When I was younger, most of what I wanted was material and its cost could be measured in dollars and cents. I knew that “How much will it cost?” would always be a question my parents would ask. I don’t remember when all that changed. There came a day when “How much will it cost?” was no longer only a question of money as much as it was a question of time, of sacrifice, of work, and sometimes of separation and loneliness. Sometimes I discovered that the cost was too much. At other times, I was surprised at how my values had changed. The cost of maintaining certain values seemed less important as I matured.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
When we live out our faith, unknown love becomes known
At the end of July my grandpa turned 90. He is the full time care-giver of my 85-year old Grandma who has Alzheimer’s disease. She does not remember me anymore. Over the last couple of years she has forgotten who her children are, and for a while now she has not recognized Grandpa and has been unable to speak in sentences. When I would go visit, Grandpa would explain to me how Grandma was doing. When I would ask him about how he was doing he would just smile and then pay attention to what Grandma was trying to say as she noticed something out the window.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Colbert, Tolkien and gifts
This summer, Stephen Colbert gave an interview in which the depth of his Catholic faith was on clear display.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
We pray for our families
Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015
Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Synod on the Family begins its second session in Rome today. The Oct. 4-25 synod will have the theme: “The vocation and mission of the family in the church and the modern world.” Today’s Gospel offers a powerful reminder of one of the most difficult issues facing today’s families and, consequently, the Synod.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Why do we suffer?
Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
The most puzzling questions of human existence seem to revolve around the enigma of suffering. It should not surprise us that this was a question Jesus wanted to put before his followers. Neither is it remarkable that the disciples simply didn’t want to hear about it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015
A story he had to tell
Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015
Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
We speak and we listen, and as we mature our communication skills take on a pattern. In our age, much of our communication is by means of media that would have been unknown to the people of Jesus’ time. Nonetheless, the essence of our communication has not radically changed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
A friend indeed
Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015
Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Many of my co-workers at the Pastoral Center have come and gone throughout the years. Generally, we honor their time with us by having a small gathering. Some of them have become good friends during our time together. Before they leave we often express our determination not to let our friendship wane. In the beginning, we meet for lunch, call one another and email. Then, sometimes suddenly, we realize that weeks have passed and we have not communicated. Our friendship flourishes again if one of us becomes ill or we encounter other problems. It seems easier to find a friend to share our hardships than it is to find someone to share the glad moments.  “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” might account for that phenomenon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Love, tolerance, and making distinctions like Aquinas
Recently, I wrote a piece on Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. I argued that the manner in which Jenner spoke of the transition reflected a Gnostic anthropology, which is repugnant to a biblical view of the human being. I didn’t say a word about Jenner personally; I urged no violence. I didn’t question motives. I simply made an observation that the moral and spiritual context for transgenderism is, from a classically Christian standpoint, problematic.
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
When we do God's will in our marriages, we understand humility

One of the worst movie lines of all time is, "Love means never having to say you're sorry."  On the contrary, our faith as married couples should encourage us to seek God’s mercy and forgiveness on a regular basis, to come before him and say with King David, “My offenses, truly I know them. My sin is always before me, against you, you alone have I sinned. What is evil in your sight, I have done.” Armed with the weapons of prayer and fasting we rend our hearts, turning back to our gracious and merciful God to show Him our dedication, love, and devotion.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
The Eucharist is food for the journey
Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Elijah repaired God’s altar on Mount Carmel, which had fallen apart from disuse and neglect, and brought the people from the worship of Baal to God. This did not please Queen Jezebel who promised to have him killed. Elijah fled. Tiring, he sat down under a broom tree, prayed he would die and then fell asleep. While he was sleeping, an angel touched him and told him to get up and eat. Elijah ate and drank and fell asleep once more. Again the angel awakened him and Elijah ate and drank and traveled another 40 days and nights until he reached Mount Horeb, where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Find your integrity in the Lord
 July 19, 2015
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
The New American Bible speaks of God as “the Lord our justice.” The Jerusalem Bible translation refers to God as "the Lord-our-integrity." Together, the two translations provide a good description of what should be God's place within our lives. He is the One who holds our doing and our being together. He is the One helps us make sense of what might otherwise seem without meaning. Our prayer life helps us form ourselves in God's image and achieve that inner integrity that gives us peace.

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