To the Catholic Sentinel:

Why are so many brilliant scientists atheists?  It puzzled me.  I came upon Stephen Colbert’s show.  During his interview with a physicist from Arizona State who just published his nothing -is- something discovery, the conversation led to the provability of God’s existence.  Proof from this perspective looked pretty dim.  I knew it wasn’t dim.

The question was why?   So I pondered...

Scientists’ greatness lies in their ability to apply scientific reasoning to unlock secrets of the universe (the design). The world is awestruck by their amazing discoveries and oftentimes follows their thinking without realizing its limitations.

Scientific reasoning is confined to matter, time, etc.  In their role as scientists, they forget they are part of the design themselves.

God (Designer) is not matter.  He is not confined to the human concepts of time. In their reasoning, scientists make God the lab rat.

The key to their failure is perspective — wrong discipline, wrong thinking. It matters.

Ann Lackey, Lake Oswego