Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
To the Catholic Sentinel:

Most Catholics are praying that we will not engage in another war.

Those prayers are accompanied by pleas to our Lord that he will give his graces to our president that he will, as commander in chief, make decisions in the best interests of the people of the United States.

Please think back to those hectic days when we were keeping Britain alive through Lend Lease, sending “weapons of war” to their defense when the English were preparing for being invaded by the Nazi force named “Operation Sea Lion.”

American and British resolve won the Battle of Britain.

However, when our convoy ships to Britain were being sunk by Nazi U-boats, FDR, one of the most honored presidents and commanders in chief, proclaimed: “When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until it has struck before you crush it. These Nazi u-boats are the rattlesnakes of the north Atlantic. Our ships have been sunk and our sailors have been killed. We do not intend to take this lying down. And in this determination not to take it lying down, I have issued orders to the United States Navy to shoot on sight and those orders stand!”

Would that we would have a president and commander in chief like FDR who was neither indecisive nor a coward.

John DeZell