To the Catholic Sentinel:

In this movement for freedom of religion, Catholics must distinguish between morality and legality.

While all abortion is morally wrong, all abortion must be legal. If Christians really want to stop abortion, they must do what Jesus told us to do. Recorded in His parting shot to His disciples in three of the four gospels, He said "Go forth to the whole world and proclaim the Good News." He did not seek to enforce his teachings via government.  

Do I like paying for abortion, some forms of contraception and killing people in unjust wars? Of course not, but Jesus said to "Render unto Caesar." That is the only thing He said about government.

One of the properties of law is that it must be enforceable. Laws prohibiting abortion and contraceptives have already been shown to be unenforceable and therefore do not even qualify as law.

Our founders established a country with liberty and justice for all. This means that the convictions of some who deem it morally acceptable to seek abortion must be legally upheld. I think our just and merciful God will treat with benevolence all who die an unjust death at the hands of others.

Please note that in Catholic Italy, abortion and contraceptives have been legal and included in their universal health care system since the 1970s.

When casting votes in this critical election, do vote for those who obey Jesus when he taught us feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and heal the sick.

Claryce Lauer