A drawing of Charles Darwin, who theorized evolutiuon.
A drawing of Charles Darwin, who theorized evolutiuon.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

The short Catholic News Service article in the May 3-16 Sentinel was disappointing because it did not mention that over the last 40 years thousands of professional scientists (both Catholic and non-Catholic) have dissented from Darwinian evolution and their numbers continue to increase. The reason this has happened is because new scientific evidence in paleontology, geology and especially molecular genetics refutes the whole macro evolutionary view of origins and strongly supports the traditional Catholic view of origins as taught by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church (including St. Hildegard of Bingen, the latest doctor of the Church) and many Popes.

Readers of the Sentinel should be made aware of these important facts so that they will not cling to the long outmoded view that science is monolithic and reliably takes care of research about “the external world and how it works,” while religion deals only with internal spiritual matters.

There is much disagreement among scientists regarding origins (even though the Pontifical Academy of Science is made up entirely of evolutionists). Documentation of these developments is available at the Discovery Institute in Seattle and at the (Catholic) Kolbe Center. Visit the web sites of these organizations. 

Dean Kenyon, Seattle