Website for abortion spending ban petition.
Website for abortion spending ban petition.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

The recent article, “Catholics sought to sign abortion funding petition,” states that only 33,000 signatures have been gathered and that 150,000 signatures are needed by Mothers’ Day.

It says that Father Peter Smith from the Archdiocese of Portland and Suzanne Bellatti of St. Rose of Lima Parish have sent letters to all of Oregon’s pastors, urging them to organize a petition-signing campaign to end taxpayer support of abortion in Oregon.

It is estimated that there are 450,000 Catholics in the state.

Here in the Milwaukie area, both Christ the King and St. John the Baptist parishes have rallied behind their pastors and have gathered close to 1,000 signatures.

Most of our parishioners were more than willing to sign the petition stating that we don’t want tax-supported abortion. The Catholic Church, sometimes called a sleeping giant, needs to wake up and get this issue on the ballot.

John White