Art Robinson
Art Robinson
To the Catholic Sentinel:

Let us send Art Robinson, a scientist and educator, to represent us in the 4th District. Robinson is challenging the incumbent, Peter DeFazio, a Catholic, who refuses to debate Robinson.

Robinson says of DeFazio that “My opponent has voted for tax funding of all forms of abortion, including partial birth abortion, which involves the killing of a child while it is being born. I will never vote to support the killing of any child — born or unborn, through funding the killing or otherwise. DeFazio also voted for Obamacare, which sets up panels of bureaucrats who will decide who will receive medical care and who will not.”

Our Catholic institutions are suing the Government because they are being forced to violate their own beliefs under Obamacare. To date all 181 bishops who lead dioceses in the United States have publicly denounced the government’s actions.

We must stand with our bishops as they stand up for us. Peter DeFazio does not deserve our vote.

Mary Ellen York, Jo Zollinger and Gospel of Life members