To the Catholic Sentinel:

Have you noticed an odd tendency in the complex immigration discussions?  It goes beyond the wild freedom of speech often condoned in social and moral matters.  A “holier than thou” tone creeps in, like this:

“Jesus said love the little children!”  “Jesus didn’t say open our doors to pillage and plunder!”  “Jesus wouldn’t want us to expose our own kids to disease!”  “Jesus said, ‘Render unto Caesar’ and we have donated billions in taxes!”  “All the bishops are pro-immigration.”  “Bishops are dreamers, they shouldn’t rule the country.”

Serious points, yet no one wins in the end.  Each side seems desperate and assumes, “God is on my side.”  Logic and facts are the best foundations of national policy debate, not piecemeal Bible references or clever analogies or even “WWJD?”

It hurts when the sacred name of Our Lord is used as a “talking point.”  (And to a supremely lesser degree, we raise eyebrows at the failure of bishops to engage with their own flocks instead of the Feds.)

Should the Blessed Name, at which every knee shall bend, be tossed angrily into a fight where each party just wants to be right — not do right? These attacks lack reverence for Our Lord, as we know in our hearts.  If we cannot debate clearly without disrespect, God grant us the wisdom to listen.

Bethany Hunt, Waldport