To the Catholic Sentinel:

Like many, I often wonder why “the system” has a tendency to be unfair toward people who seek justice.

A recent example is that of a special needs student in Pennsylvania.  

He was being bullied by classmates, but instead of school officials disciplining the bullies, school officials charged the special needs student for recording the bullying on his iPad, which was later confiscated.  

The special needs student had insisted that the bullying went on for several months without school officials doing anything, which would explain why he took matters into his own hands.

Another case of injustice is that of the Mickelberg Brothers.  Since being associated with the robbery known as the Perth Mint Swindle, the Mickelberg Brothers have been fighting to win the case against the Western Australia Police for framing them.  

A book and a movie have been published and produced depicting the Mickelberg brothers’ ordeal.

So, how can injustice in all its forms be avoided?  

For starters, consider being an advocate for those who are looked down upon by “the system” for whatever reason that they are.

Eric Brown