To the Catholic Sentinel:

Deacon Owen Cummings addressed the issue of whether tattoos are acceptable under Church law.  He stated that “….there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos as such…..and “It’s not against Holy Scripture or teaching of the Catholic Church.”

This answer is quite wrong. It is rare these days to find the complete areas of philosophy taught at any major Catholic University, and most likely not at most seminaries.

This subject was covered by Jesuit Fr. Austin Fagothey at Santa Clara University in the early 1950s. We students were required to take four years of philosophy. The one that covers the question of mutilating our  body is covered under the subject of ethics, everyday activities of life.

It is a grave sin for a human to intentionally mutilate his body for improper medical reasons, and tattoos placed on one’s body is a grave sin against the dignity of man.

Wilbur Goolkasian, Umpqua

Deacon Cummings responds: De gustibus not est disputandum; there’s no disputing about tastes!