To the Catholic Sentinel:

Here is an example of how social media can interact with faith communities to do God’s work.

A friend posted on Facebook that the food pantry at St. Francis Parish in Sherwood was running low and the need was great.

The following Tuesday I offered a prayer at daily Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church and mentioned I would deliver groceries to St. Francis on Friday.

I also asked for any help our daily Mass group could give.

Immediately after Mass members (beginning with our pastor, Fr. James Kolb) handed me folded bills of cash.  

At Mass on Wednesday I offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the generous response to my request.  After Mass more parish members came to
me with contributions of cash.

When I returned home and emptied my pockets, I found more than $300 in folded 10, 20 and one-dollar bills.

A very generous couple also offered to shop at Costco for case goods to fill the pantry.

We are delivering two carloads of food and supplies, plus a large cash donation for fresh produce and milk to St. Francis’ food pantry.

Social media and a generous spirit can change the world.

Pay it forward.

Kathy Sabel, Portland