To the Catholic Sentinel:

I read in the Catholic Sentinel about a petition to stop tax money from paying for abortions in Oregon.

I had not heard of this before so I immediately found a petition and signed it.

I ask all Oregon voters to sign it. If you don’t know where to find one, check at your parish office.

In Oregon, we pay for 10 to 12 abortions a day with taxpayer money.

These innocent babies are killed and forfeit any chance at life. If given a chance one couldsomeday grow up to be president or governor and work to stop abortion.
Or he/she could be your next grandchild, a teacher, a firefighter or even a pro-life doctor.

This is a waste of innocent life and taxpayer dollars.

It also leaves a mother feeling very sorry for what she has done.

On the national level, we pay millions of dollars for research to make test-tube babies and pay Planned Parenthood to kill hundreds of babies each day.

All these dollars could feed thousands of hungry and homeless and make the world a better place to live.

So get one of the petitions, sign your name on it and be prepared to vote in November.

Leonard Schmidt