Dennis Richardson
Dennis Richardson
To the Catholic Sentinel:       

Catholics are anxious to support the most plausible and effective candidate to defeat John Kitzhaber in his re-election effort in November.
State Rep. Dennis Richardson is the only Republican who can win in November.

I have known him for nearly 40 years as we  were co-chairmen of President Ronald Reagan’s Citizens for America, Second Congressional District of Oregon (1984-’86). This group supported President Reagan in his Strategic Defense Initiative, which along with the actions and prayers of St. John Paul, helped bring down the nuclear threat of the Soviet Union. Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev realized that anti-ballistic missile defense would nullify and neutralize Soviet missile capability.

Richardson has been an honorable family man in Jackson County, a devoted husband and father of seven children and an outstanding attorney.
For years, he has proven to be one of the most capable elected state representatives, prioritizing frugality in government.
I might add that Dennis had a military record as an Army helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. It is definitely a positive attribute. He is a highly credible candidate to be Oregon’s governor.

John DeZell