To the Catholic Sentinel:

We just finished reading the story in the Dec. 6 issue, titled “Most respondents satisfied in Catholic Sentinel survey.”
Readers were mostly pleased, but some were dissatisfied with the newspaper’s liberal bias.

The Progressive Movements of the “Great Society” started in the 1960s under LBJ.

It marked the beginning of an expansion of the federal government and a centralization of political and administrative power in Washington that had long been the domain of local and state governments. 

In addition to destroying the fabric of federalism, this centralization undermined the separation of powers, making it difficult if not impossible for Congress, the president, and the bureaucracy to function amicably in pursuit of a national interest.

The Founders and Framers of our Constitution shared a radically different understanding.

Human nature makes it necessary to place limits on the power of government.

Some pastors use the pulpit to advance liberal political/ progressive movements.

The newspaper should not follow their lead, but continue its good work and coverage of our Catholic Community.

Thanking you for your service and our best for your continued success, my family and I remain faithful subscribers.

Craig and Kelly Schommer