Rep. Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan
To the Catholic Sentinel:

My sadness and diminished respect for the Catholic Sentinel increases because of its bias, priorities and choices that are confirmed again in the Sept. 9-20, 2012, issue in two specific articles:

1. The picture and article about Catholic, Paul Ryan, VP nominee on the Republican ticket was buried on page 12; while on front page a picture and article about Moki the cat, picture and article of Eugene resident talks to grade-schoolers and a sports reference.

2. The editorial on Labor – page 15. First sentence reveals a top priority. “Catholic leaders have long been solidly entrenched in the labor movement.” Followed by “Voting really does matter.” What does really matter?

We do have choices and choices have consequences. Priorities are important in our choices. Are labor issues more important than life issues? The pope has spoken on both. Choose labor and you get the Democrat platform package – one of those plans is the woman’s right to choice – to kill the human being plus the issue of taking God out of the platform – quite a buy for your vote!

Your choice for Right to Life you get the package Paul Ryan embraces. Labor has many smart voices and strategists. Tiny human beings have no voice of their own for their right to life. Surely they have top priority in many pro-lifers’ choices and prayers.

Thank you God, awesome creator, planner and source of all our needs.

Irene Depaepe