To the Catholic Sentinel:

The League of United Latin American Citizens is the largest, oldest Hispanic Civil Rights Organization in America.  

Founded in 1929, this group has helped fight injustice and discrimination, and promote education and opportunity on behalf of Hispanic Americans and others for decades.  The organization opposies fluoridation, calling it: “a civil rights violation and forced medication.”

After 11 years of fluoridation, the San Antonio City Council and health officials refuse to provide any evidence of resulting health benefits to the community.  In fact, low-income children there now have worse dental health than before fluoridation.

A senior health official has acknowledged that although fluoridation chemicals are identified by the EPA Union of Scientists as containing mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxins, in his words, “a little poison never killed anyone.”

The World Health Organization has shown that bottlefed babies are receiving 50-100 times more fluoride than breastfed babies.  Few low-income parents can afford filters necessary to remove the fluoride.  Excessive fluoride intake has been linked to a number of serious health concerns.

Dr. Emilia Gonzalez-Clements, Lincoln, Neb.