To the Catholic Sentinel:

America is getting further away from God and headed straight towards God’s judgment and ultimate destruction. Too many in America say, “there is no God.”

One of the many reasons Americans have reached such a low point of unbelief is because they were brought up in a school system that teaches man’s false idea that every living being started from a single cell and evolved into millions, or even billions, of species, including humans.

But how a person who is composed of 200 or 300 trillion highly specialized interrelated cells can believe that it all started from a single cell should be beyond belief. Actually, the single cell theory of evolution only proves man’s folly.

This world would be a much better place if people believed in the living God and followed his just commandments.

It is tragic that so many are rejecting God. America must return to God.

Manuel Ybarra Jr.
Coalgate, OK