Catholic News Service photoPresident Barack Obama votes in Chicago last week.
                                                                                                           Catholic News Service photo
President Barack Obama votes in Chicago last week.

To the Catholic Sentinel:

A letter to the Sentinel printed in the Sept. 21st issue, page 31, has been troubling me. The writer accuses the president of communist connection. This seems ridiculous to me.

I think that a lot of negative reactions are caused by Obama being black. Are we still such bigots that we judge people by race and religion?

God does not do that and neither should we if we are, indeed, Catholics. We should search for the good qualities of a person, i.e. honesty, strength, compassion, steadfastness. I see these in Obama, though I don’t agree with him on everything. But not even our Lord could make it right for everyone. Obama is truly concerned about the 47 percent, who are, secretly, scoffed at by Romney.
Does that mean Obama is being influenced by communism? Then we have to call St. Peter a communist because he actually started a community where everyone shared equally in what the rich brought to St. Peter.

We read in the scripture that we will recognize a good person by the fruits of their labor. I can see a lot of good fruit coming from Obama’s labor.

On the other hand, I have grave doubts of a man being a good president for everyone; a man who invests his millions in foreign banks to avoid taxation, who does not disclose all his tax statements, and who continually changes his standpoints in his speeches. How can we trust this man to take proper control of the welfare of this country if – as he publicly stated – he has no control over where his investors invested his millions? I do not want to have a president a man who does not want the rich to have to have to pay an equal share of taxes.

I may not have a clear picture of everything, but I just hope and pray that the better man may win.

Gerlinde Brown