To the Catholic Sentinel:

With the protests over the influx of undocumented immigrants in California, what can we do to stop racial tensions from increasing in the U.S.?

Firstly, the fight over immigration reform is not entirely President Obama’s fault. Congress deserves more of the blame than the president. Members of Congress have done nothing but bicker at each other like the self-centered people who they are, even though this description applies to the majority of members currently serving in Congress.

If you believe discrimination towards non-white people is justifiable, there are laws that prevent discrimination; some have been around since before the Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1964. If you enjoy discriminating people you don’t know, you’re being not only a bully, but also asking for someone to do the same to you.

Although I do agree people do have a right to express their frustrations, the protesters who express their frustrations at undocumented immigrants are not only being paranoid, they’re also being racist. Will immigration reform ever be signed into law? In my opinion, with our dysfunctional Congress, probably never.

Eric Brown, Portland