To the Catholic Sentinel:

We are retired and during summer we visit other parishes to see how they worship. On Father’s Day, we visited a small church in the Baker Diocese. The retired priest filling in that day delivered a homily on important characteristics of fathers, as well as the failings of everyone and God’s forgiving nature. We thought the homily was great — until he digressed into the “moral corruption” of one political party. As non-affiliated voters, we swear no allegiance to any political party; rather, we support individual candidates whom we believe most closely adhere to Catholic social and moral teaching.  

In nearly half a century of voting, we have found that 100 percent of political parties and 100 percent of political candidates suffer from supporting “sin” in one form or another.  However, on the positive side, all candidates and political parties also support some “morally and socially good” causes.

Unfortunately, we have never found any candidate from any political party — Republican, Democrat, or “minor” party—that even comes close to meeting all Catholic social and moral teaching.  That is, all political parties are “morally corrupt” and field candidates suffer from “mortal sin.”

Linda and James Fenner
Lake Oswego