To the Catholic Sentinel:

One can tell by many letters to the Catholic Sentinel that folks are starving for authentic Catholic teaching. People try to fill the vacuum left by some of our shepherds who do not preach like Catholics and will not teach the Catechism.

Left to our own reasoning, many people who write (myself included) are essentially saying, “Here’s my own opinion on what my religion is all about.” This is like a starving person writing to say, “Here’s my opinion about dinner.” In reality he is starving and begging, in a confused way, for food!

So I pray, God: please make more preachers of our Faith, who persevere in truth, teaching absolutely the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He anointed the Apostles who anointed bishops to continue His word forever in the Catholic Church in order to sanctify a united people redeemed from sin, to the eternal glory of God.

Ricardo Alcocer
Otter Rock