Concentration camp.
Concentration camp.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

The Sentinel’s Holocaust editorial “Never Again, Is Our Cry” hits a historic nerve. Author Craig Williams’ quote counters the idea that the average German didn’t know of the genocide.  He indicates such an industry of murder was impossible not to recognize.

Unfortunately, he presents a judgment, and an erroneous one, not a fact.

The major focus was World War II. Nazi atrocities were kept from view.  This is verified and it offers true insight into the actions of major figures.  Understanding the war context is critical to historical perspective.

It wasn’t until late 1942 that Pius XII discovered from FDR that such rumors were true. It was Pius who saved 80 percent  of the Roman Jews.  The remaining 1,000-plus fell prey to the Nazis, thanks to religious politics and betrayal among their fellow Jews.
As research for my upcoming book shows, Holocaust evils evolved.

• Dachau began in 1933 as a makeshift prison.

• Full-scale massive gas deaths began about 1941.

• Fewer than 50 percent of Holocaust victims were Jews.

• Nazi eradication efforts began with emigration and later developed into the Final Solution.

An excellent source is Geary’s Hitler & Nazism, Lancaster Historic Series.

Ann Lackey, Lake Oswego