To the Catholic Sentinel:

Sin is sin.  The gravity of (fill in the sin) compared to (fill in another sin) does not take away the sinfulness of any willful act that does not please God.

We can’t take away what we can’t restore, e.g., abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, war fatalities.  We can’t spend and waste what we haven’t created or maintained, i.e., our Mother Earth.  This is the reality in which the “question of the Catholic vote and the decay of our morals and ideals” must be answered.  It doesn’t matter where the tabernacle is located.  Until we open it and invite Jesus into our daily lives in the “mission fields,” the tabernacle is only a gilded cage.

My Marine Corps drill instructor “emphasized” the consequences when people assume things without first checking.

Rolando Rodriguez
Port Orford