Hezekiah's prayer.
Hezekiah's prayer.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

C.S. Lewis once wrote about first and second things. That if you put second things first, you not only lose the first things, you lose the second things too. If living our faith is the first thing, and politics and the respect of men the second thing, we see this in the Supreme Court decision to uphold the HHS Mandate.

For the first time, the country founded to protect freedom of religion and conscience has formally declared to all Catholics and people of faith through all three branches of government that the state is the custodian of our souls and our values, not Jesus  or God, or our consciences.  Thus, because we Catholics have been faithless in matters of morals and the teaching authority of the Church, we find the beginnings of a persecution identical to that faced by our forefathers when they were asked an even smaller deed: Just burn a little incense to Caesar and we will leave you alone. 

How little the enemy thinks of our valor and fidelity that we are not even offered that bargain for our souls.  So far have we fallen that they feel no compunction in asking us to actively collaborate in the killing of the unborn for the right to be left alone. We must turn back to God as Hezekiah did when the Assyrians mocked his God, threatening the destruction of Judah.  We are not in such dire straits yet.  Let us repent while there is still time.

G.S. Rebagliati, Portland