To the Catholic Sentinel:

There have been many questions raised about how we Catholics should react to the policies adopted by our political candidates. It’s not difficult to discern whose policies are in line with Christian and constitutional principles.

Voters must get beyond the rhetoric and hyperbole and get informed. Our leaders must also be of moral character who intend the best for our country. Find out, from non-biased sources, what kind of people they associated with during their formative years. Do the candidates seem to unite Americans or to segment the population by dwelling on rich vs. poor; black/brown vs. white; public sector employee vs. private sector, Republican vs. Democrat, etc?

Do they testify that our freedoms are a gift from God? Do they affirm our moral responsibility to protect and honor life from the moment of conception, and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman? Have they demonstrated a strong fiscal stewardship of public funds. Do they repudiate overreaching, unconstitutional, government programs? Government cannot legislate the poor into prosperity and the wealthy out of prosperity. Think of the billions spent over years on the “Great Society” with no measurable benefit. When government removes the incentive to achieve, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

Jerry Gooley, Salem