Let's not idolize Founding Fathers, letter writer says.
Let's not idolize Founding Fathers, letter writer says.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

In response to Jerry Gooley’s summary of liberal theology (July 10): Ideology is not a thing that exists. It’s a fiction we apply to a set of caricatured beliefs, which we then ascribe to people with whom we disagree so we can avoid taking seriously.

Government is only necessary because each of us, Catholic or otherwise, is fallen. We fail to love fully, and so injustice persists. There are certainly moral absolutes, but we see them through a glass darkly. Any government action based on our existentially inadequate understanding of God’s divine plan will be flawed. A profound humility is necessary; that humility manifests itself in what Jerry calls “relativism” because we haven’t found the right way to talk about and deal with difference.

Jesus took his sinners as he found them. He loved them and healed them. What we say about the rightness or wrongness of the homosexual lifestyle ranks among the least important things we can say. At the end of time, God will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead. That really isn’t our responsibility. Our responsibility is to live out, in time, Christ’s most important commandment: to love one another as he loved us.

As for abortion — Have we done all that we can to support expectant mothers entertaining that option?

Multiculturalism is about respect. By honoring difference, we acknowledge that cultural integration is a two-way street. We must allow people to define themselves. That is freedom. I cannot fathom a Christ-like immigration policy that doesn’t begin and end with “welcome.”

We first-world Christians should be lining up to abandon our opulent lifestyles, whether for environmental concerns or because we already know that we can only serve one master. Few things could be more disingenuous than to accept dominion over the earth but decline its stewardship.

Whether the Constitution evolves or remains static, we should not make idols of the founders — the same ones who compromised to define African slaves as 3/5 of a human being in order to push the document through ratification.

Kellen Norwood
Anchorage, Alaska