To the Catholic Sentinel:

Thank you for your good work with the Catholic Sentinel, which is so important to our archdiocese. I am an 85-year-old Catholic whose heart is lightened from time to time with a bit of humor in our Catholic family lives.

I want to tell you two examples– and most families have their own humorous events:

Our 5-year-old granddaughter was going through a rebellious streak (she had an older sister by 3½ years who “kept her in her shadow” pretty much).

On a visit to their home in Pacific Palisades, Calif., a few years ago, we all went to Mass together.

That Sunday, there was a baptism and the priest was having the congregation respond, “I do” to the various segments of the “Apostles Creed” as we stood.

I noticed our granddaughter, Olivia, had her head down and as the congregation replied “I do” periodically she muttered something almost inaudible.

I bent down finally to hear her. She was whispering, “I don’t,” as the congregation was responding “I do.”  

Then there was a Catholic family in our parish who would talk to their children on religious issues at supper on Wednesdays. It was generally uneventful. Then one night 8-year-old Johnny had something special to settle with his parents. “Mama and Papa, you have always told us that the saints were ‘heroes and very strong in their faith and suffering, but today I learned that St. Francis was a sissy.”

Ted Leonard