Catholic Sentinel photo by Ed LangloisAlison McIntosh speaks during session at Pastoral Center.
                                                             Catholic Sentinel photo by Ed Langlois
Alison McIntosh speaks during session at Pastoral Center.
 To the Catholic Sentinel:

Your story: “Advocates learn how to give voice to justice” is profoundly disturbing. In describing what “parish advocates” learned, you gave prominence to the following: “... Byrd and Mclntosh urged church people to challenge what they characterized as inaccurate beliefs.”  “The goal is equal opportunity, not equal outcome.”

With the exception of the need of God’s grace in each individual’s life, what these two old radicals are “teaching” is absolutely false, both spiritually and secularly. The reference to the “American Dream” in the very next sentence leads one to believe that Byrd’s and Mclntosh’s “teaching” was not spiritually based, still the spiritual damage of their false doctrine cannot be overlooked.

If “everyone is not responsible for himself” then what is the basis for individual confession? Repentance, fasting, prayer, almsgiving are distinctly individual responses to a personal request from God.

What Byrd and Mclntosh propose is nothing more than pure socialism/communism, which the Church has consistently condemned for 150 years. Byrd and Mclntosh are the outdated progeny of all the old feminist Church-haters of the ‘60s.

David Kluge