To the Catholic Sentinel:

As I was reading my email from the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change I remember wanting to get in touch with someone on an issue that is very close to my heart: water fluoridation.

Our drinking water is being contaminated by a toxic by-product that is being added to our municipal water systems to treat citizens for tooth decay.

I live close to Toronto, in Ontario, and a group of concerned citizens is working hard to put an end to fluoridation as it is unproven, unnecessary and unethical.
Our region’s population is 1.3 million residents.

We are keeping a close eye on Portland as residents there are  working to create a no vote on fluoridation in order to protect human health.

A new report  shows across-the-board dental improvements for Oregon kids. The report states that the rates for kids with cavities and untreated decay all dropped significantly from 2007, when state health officials proclaimed that Oregon’s oral health was “headed in the wrong direction.”

Babies are being harmed by fluoridated water and we must be their voice.

Liesa Cianchino
Ontario, Canada