To the Catholic Sentinel:

This presidential election is not about if you are a Republican or Democrat; but it is about you and if you have a firm belief in the precepts/basic fundamental teachings of your Catholic faith.

Do you hold your allegiance to your Catholic faith or a political party? Are you willing to turn your back on your Catholic faith and vote for a president who advocates not only abortion in the first trimester but to the extent of partial birth or full term abortion, support of gay marriage and assisted suicide?  What about your freedom of religion?

Are you content to allow this president to erode the very fabric of our religious freedoms contained within the First Amendment?  Or do you believe according to our Catholic principles in the dignity of life, standing in opposition to abortion, protecting the unborn child, repudiation of assisted suicide, and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman?

The choice this election is crystal clear. Are you basing your vote according to you political party or are you going to vote as a Catholic?

Lloyd Minten